Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Heimish hashgocha "insect divi$ion" fouled up again

There were numerous Kashrus certifier's Mashgichim in Mexico for Strawberries. 

All of them rejected the goods because of infestation, besides .....

Their certified and allowed many containers of Strawberries. 


Anonymous said...

Zay zeinen gevenn di bestah strawberries. Nur di best far Sachdis

Bostoner Webbe said...

The Chinese restaurant under the Queens Vaad on Main St served brocoli that was not even checked to OU standards. When you tell Queens Vaad rabbis, they tell answer you "speak to Rabbi Chaim Schwartz".

It's not like the KVH in Boston that Schwartz came from really cares about bugs or even relying on kashrus of conservative rabbis.

Brookline Chosid said...

served brocoli that was not even checked


asia said...

The s'achdis is not the only one with shushing standards, so is Yudel.

Why does he only blog about certain 'skandaals' and not others? For example the 'avlahs' at the other Heimish hashgochas?

Bostoner Webbe said...


When the Queens Vaad has a substitute fill in for the regular mashgiach, he doesn't even get proper instructions. The substitues will let on to customers that they don't know their head from their foot.

Anonymous said...

asia ita all about the $$$$$$$$$.
Push Postiv bash everyone else.
Where did Yudel get his romaine for his pesach program ?

Lefferts said...

Queens Vaad rabbis, they answer you "speak to Rabbi Chaim Schwartz"

Schwartz's answer was "I'll just say gut Shabbos"

Anonymous said...

Schwartz's answer was "I'll just say gut Shabbos"

At least he's acts like a human being and is polite.
What do you have to say about yourself? Your rude. Your sick. You act worse than a animal.

All so that you can sound off on all blogs.

Anonymous said...

"All so that you can sound off on all blogs"

All so you can't get away with feeding bugs to unsuspecting customers of Queens Vaad places.

You heard that people, the poor Queens Vaad doesn't want to be exposed so that they can continue to get away with murder

Sickling said...

Fri Apr 26, 04:54:00 PM 2013

Here he goes again - sounding off.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is promoting this attack on Rav Schwartz,"The real deal in kosher, not politics" should go find a job and make the world a better place. Shame on you!!!