Friday, April 19, 2013

Hashgochas knowingly gives klal yisroel insects to eat

Heimish certifiers certifies the:
 Kosher taste Brand

Bodek brand,

Bodek Garni bags

All of them are worst than Treif, Chazir, etc


Markopolo said...

did you check The new romaine from Kosher Taste it under Golden Taste
CRC Hisachdus
It come from open field
Made in Lancaster food Inc.
For the right price every thing is Kosher...

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Shain, How could you compare Bodek to Kosher Taste? Bodek is just washing open field lettuce, broccoli and strawberries but this new company claims that they are growing in a greenhouse. If that is true they are way ahead of Bodek.

Anonymous said...

Look at this video for the truth about GREEN HOUSE grown vegetables.
20 seconds in give you the true facts

Anonymous said...
Thrips found primarily in Green house grown vegetables