Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Los Angeles Meat kashrus issues is nothing new

Some three years ago  Yehuda shain was notified by inside sources that at a shechita for Los Angeles, there are numerous kashrus issues. Among them was the non kosher carcasses dripping blood, etc on to the kosher beef being kosherized. Another issue, was that the plant was giving the animals electric shocks after the shechita.

There were numerous certifiers utilizing that slaughterhouse in the west. One of the certifiers were notified & they said the recently dicontinued the use of that slaughterhouse because of kashrus issues. The LA certifier responded "My Mashgichim are of a caliber that nothing can be pulled over them, and as far as I'm concerned nothing is going on and I'm going to ignore it". 

The third certifier, sent down 2 extra people from NY to ascertain the issues, they had a hard time locating the shocking of the animal after shechita. A worker finally showed them where it's being done. They marked all of the days carcasses as treif.


Anonymous said...

Big talker about LA, Lakewood is much worse in kashrus shenanigins. It's a classical mafia. In LA it's not a mafia, but yes money is the real interest,nobody works for nothing.

Chossid of C.S. said...

"and as far as I'm concerned nothing is going on and I'm going to ignore it"

Is that one of the shechitos that Rabbeinu checked out for the Queens Vaad?