Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update: LA Kashrus scandal

 LA Kashrus scandal is continuing to cover-up the ones at fault.

They have no viable solutions to implement.

They feel with the right "PR", they could continue in the inter agency rivalry, and continue the cover-ups.

There is no reliable system of having properly trained individuals for infestation issues.

LA Rabonim say "we can't afford it, it's expensive, the consumer wants to eat, the food service establishments don't want limitations as "vegies are the in thing"


Anonymous said...

The RCC is still covering up for Shalom Tendler (Mordechai's uncle) even after the YU crowd disowned him and he was forced out of his shteller at Young Israel of North Beverly Hills.

Why the cover up? Does Shalom Tendler have explosive shmutz on the RCC?

Is it similar to Margulies continuing to make payments to Yudi Kolko because of the shmutz that Kolko knows?

Anonymous said...

5 hours ago

An Iranian screaming “Allahu Akbar” on Tuesday attacked a rabbi and his son with a knife as they were entering a synagogue in Paris for the morning prayer.

Los Angeles fresser said...

Gershoony's first burger joint is treif but he is opening a 2nd one in 3 or 4 months under hashgocho.

Will it be under the RCC who will have kosher & treif under the same owner? Will they have to drag poor gullible Rechnitz into another mess to bail them out?

Israeli Burgers Take L.A.

Anonymous said...

Bess here it is rcc scandal eh!!

Anonymous said...

This is a very sad and moving story. So many tragedies happening to us almost on a daily basis. We have to start thinking and asking our Torah leaders, why is Hashem doing this to us? what can we do to improve? how should we continue from here? what is Hashem asking from us? what message is Hashem giving us with this tragedy? etc

Obviously we have to admit that we have much to improve for example, the Tznius and the talking during Davening is out of hand world wide there is a need for much improvement, it's almost impossible to find a Shull that there is no talking from the beginning of Davening until the end of Davening, very sad but true, same thing applies to our Tznius we have begun to dress with fitted tight sheer and short clothing and we say that that's the Tznius that Hashem is expecting from us but that's not so at all

Hashem is saying to us out loud ENOUGH IS ENOUGH please my dear children turn back to me and live a real Torah life and we are ignoring Hashem so he is looking for ways to wake us up

We can all hope and pray that this sad stragity should be the last one before the coming of Moshiach, but that's only if we do out part by doing Teshuva like if we don't talk during Davening if we dress 100000% with Tznius, otherwise we are fooling ourselves and we might cause many more tragedies up on ourselves

It's up to us to make the changes and not blame Hashem but blame "us" each and every on of us, yes U included, for not improving enough, in Hashems eyes, just not talking Loshon Horah is not enough to change our difficult situation