Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where and when is the next kashrus scandal brewing?

Where and when is the next kashrus scandal brewing?

All of the ingredients for a full blown kashrus scandal are in place, it's still brewing.  Keep tuned to here.


Anonymous said...

Nu Kranke!
We are WAITING for that big one!

Anonymous said...

How about the Queens Vaad pretending not to know about a supermarket owner's not frum relative that was brought into the business? The Queens Vaad may not be the only hashgocho involved but you can bet they are trying the hardest to cover it up, just like they do with every other unpleasant situation.

France said...

Head of the hashgocho known as the Consistoire

KSA Kosher said...

Low kashrus standards we know but are the other allegations true?

Anonymous said...

How about The KCL

OU Crony Watch said...

APRIL 12, 2013, 6:24 PM

Kosher Food Maker’s Inventory Seized Over Rodent Infestation


Fans of KoJel kosher foods like instant pudding, hot chocolate mix and instant noodle soup, brace yourselves: V.I.P. Foods, the Queens food supplier that manufactures the products, had about $1 million in inventory seized by the federal Food and Drug Administration because of “widespread rodent infestation,” federal prosecutors said on Friday.

The F.D.A. seized the foodstuffs from V.I.P.’s Ridgewood, Queens, headquarters on March 19, after inspectors visited on multiple occasions between October and February, according to a complaint filed last month in federal court.

On Oct. 25, inspectors “observed over 1,200 rodent excreta pellets, at least 4 live and dead mice, and rodent-gnawed containers of food,” as well as rodent urine stains on and around foodstuffs, the complaint says.

After receiving notice of the violations, V.I.P. told the F.D.A. that the problems were fixed, but when inspectors returned in February, they found the same problems, the complaint states.

V.I.P., which also makes muffin mix, dessert gel and flavored mashed potatoes, was cited for spilled food and for having substantial gaps at the doors of its loading bay and insufficiently screened windows, which could have served as potential entryways for insects and rodents.

“V.I.P.’s warehouse was a picnic ground for rodents, and the company failed utterly in its obligation to provide food deemed safe for human consumption,” Loretta E. Lynch, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said in a statement.

V.I.P. Foods headquarters closes at 1 p.m. on Fridays, and a call placed late Friday afternoon was not returned.

V.I.P. was founded in 1983 and initially supplied the health care, catering and restaurant industries, according to the company’s Web site. It merged with KoJel in the mid-1980s and expanded into grocery stores across the country.

Prosecutors are seeking the forfeiture and condemnation of the seized products.

OU Crony Watch said...

Michael Broyde is an OU dayan.

England said...

According to a news report, the British Chief Rabbi declared publicly he does not believe in the Torah account of creation!!! שומו שמים! איך אפשר שרבני הבית דין בלונדון אין מוחין על זה

Government plans to make the teaching of evolution compulsory in UK state primary schools have caused consternation within the Orthodox educational world.

The National Association of Jewish Orthodox Schools (Najos), which represents most Orthodox schools in the country, said that it was "very concerned" about the proposals, which were part of a draft national curriculum published for consultation last week.

Rabbi Shimon Winegarten, who is principal of several Najos schools, declared that evolution was "against our belief. Moreover, the theory of evolution is just that — theory; unproven, with unexplained gaping gaps. It is too difficult to explain all that to primary school children."

Rabbis, he said, were "not in favour of this theory becoming mandatory primary school teaching" within the Orthodox sector.

The national curriculum is binding on most state-aided schools, including religious schools, although not on the new style of free schools.

According to the draft proposals, year 4 pupils (aged eight to nine) should be taught to recognise "that living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the earth millions of years ago".

It is also suggested that they could take a look at Charles Darwin's work.

Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag, chairman of Najos, said: "The challenge presented by the theory of evolution to traditional understanding of the Creation of the world is against the major principles of our faith."

Orthodox Jewish schools, he said, would look for "the appropriate exemptions from mandatory requirements in accordance with the principles of freedom of religion and conscience".

Najos executive director Jonathan Rabson said that it would seek "an audience at the highest level" to register its concerns.

Mill Hill United Synagogue's Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet also attacked the government proposals, saying that the authorities "argue against teaching creationism in the classroom and then advocate teaching evolution. I find that blatant double standards and is just another secular assault on religious teachings".

Attitudes to evolution and scientific ideas vary, however, across the Orthodox world. The Hertz Chumash, once the standard for United Synagogue communities which was published in the 1930s, believed that there was "nothing inherently un-Jewish" about evolution, which reflected "the activity of a supreme, directing Intelligence".

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, in a TV discussion with Darwinist Richard Dawkins, last year observed: "Adam and Eve is clearly a parable because there was no first human…"

Rabbi Harvey Belovski, of Golders Green United Synagogue and founding principal of the new Rimon free school, an Orthodox Jewish primary, said that he would have "no problem" with evolution being "taught carefully" in a science class there.

Anonymous said...

Is that the same VIP that recently bought Willmark Foods, the biggest manufacturer of jams & preserves?

Why is the OU taking so much money when they are not catching even such a huge problem that can't be missed?

Anonymous said...

The OU was in negotiations to buy the KSA. Did that purchase ever close?

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that the Queens Vaad is not on the "Where and when is the next kashrus scandal brewing?'
Reb Yudels seems to suspect 24 hashgachas starting with KVH ( Sicko's favorite hashgacha) and ending with UMK.
Some people may know the truth.Maybe.

Anonymous said...

"Some people may know the truth.Maybe."

Does your employer the OU know the truth?

What do you tell them when you have to be in court all the time?

Palisades Collection came after you for not paying your Chase credit card bills, which you decided to fight when they asked what was owed them, and you tried to shake down Michelet for some supposed car accident, wasting your time for almost a year until the case was thrown out by the judge.