Friday, May 31, 2013

LA's "RCC" is making changes

The RCC is pleased to report that after a thorough review and inspection of all establishments under RCC hashgacha, that we have addressed the issues raised in the recent inspection of the RCC establishments. This included recommendations made by the Orthodox Union (OU), which was invited by the RCC to review our establishments.

From the moment we were informed of a breach in kashrus at one of our establishments, the rabbinic volunteers of the RCC's Vaad Hakashrus and its dedicated professional staff immediately moved to assure that all protocols in place were strictly adhered to so that there is no possibility of a repeat of the unscrupulous act perpetrated by one of the establishment’s owners.

The RCC took a number of additional steps to further promote the highest level of kashrus:

1-through 5
We hope that this update will help you appreciate the quality of our Rabbonim who are committed to serve our kehilla with dedication, transparency, and responsibility.
We wish to take this opportunity to thank the community for its long-standing support. We look forward to serving the community in accordance with the lofty principles set forth in our Torah and Halacha.

One can contact the RCC directly for the entire letter.


Anonymous said...

NU...... What are 1-5 ?

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Right now who knows what they do what protocols they were supposedly following all along.

The only transparent part of their operation is the clear wrapping the meat packages.

Anonymous said...

RCC's Rabbi Bess, too little too late.
New team is required, not just oversight.

Still standing by the cover-up?

Kehila has plenty of their own problems.

Two wrongs doesn't make one right.

Yeshivishe cholov Yisroel said...

Although it is in the Chicago area, the hashgocho is Nirbater, not cRc

Kashrus overboard! said...

You already knew that kashrus on cruise ships was bad.

It may be even worse than you thought because Foremost is the caterer hired by Kosherica

Rubashkin fresser said...

It's a kiddush Hashem to help disaster victims but I was just wondering if when Sholom Mordechai was still in Postville, was there ever a shaylah of aver min hachai besides all the other kashrus problems?

(JTA) – In the wake of the disastrous tornado in Oklahoma, The National Council of Young Israel has joined with the Masbia organizations, as well as with Agri Star Meat & Poultry LLC to provide 20,000 pounds of foods for the relief effort.

JTA previously reported that the Chabad Community Center of Southern Oklahoma was taking in those whose homes were ruined in the tornado

Yeshivishe dog food said...

cRc Chicago are the only ones giving hashgocho to dog chow