Monday, June 10, 2013

Does Natie Grossman know anything about this?

SHOCK? NO!: Satmar Appears To Have Misled Public With Forged Letter of HaRav Kanievsky Shlita

(Monday, June 10th, 2013)
Yesterday, YWN reported that HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlita came out against the anti-draft rally organized by Satmar, saying that it would not be beneficial.
According to a letter containing the rabbi’s views written by his sons, the “main thing is to increase Torah learning, the fear of heaven and prayer” as methods of opposing conscription.
Hours later, the Satmarer organizers of the event released a handwritten letter by HaRav Kanievsky shlita in which he calls to listen to the Torah sages and participate in the protest against the IDF-Draft decree.
However, according to the Yiddish  ‘Kave  Shtiebel’ the second letter, apparently written by HaRav Kanievsky, was none other than a photo-shopped document that misleadingly looked authentic by lifting words from a previous handwritten letter, last year.
YWN reached out to Mishpachas Kanievsky, who confirmed that someone forged the Gadol Hador’s handwriting and penned this letter which was then spread on social media, and submitted to YWN for publication.
The forged letter speaks values of the organizers act to delude the purpose of the mass protest, especially the desecration of the name of a Godel HaDor, in attempt to deceive the general, non-affiliated and Yeshiva, public to attend the protest.
kanievsky #2
Kanievsky letter
(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


Anonymous said...

Now I ask you a question .......... Can you trust the shechita of these animals ?!?!

Anonymous said...

Let me assure you of one thing, each one of them is capable of doing it on their own. I'm not saying they did it. They both have a history.

'Sachdis said...

Mir zeinen dee besteh fraudsters

Vhatever vee are doing vee are dee best

Monsey said...

another weissmandl shechita

are the lubavs allowing these animals also to get shot in the head or does that only happen when weissmandl teams up with belsky?

Anonymous said...

Rav Kaganoff:

What happens if the host and the guest interpret the laws of kashrus in different ways? Must the guest follow the host’s request to join him for a meal?

If the guest follows a stricter halachic opinion that the host, the guest should apprise the host. The host may not serve the guest food that does not meet the guest’s standard unless the food is obviously something he may not eat (Shach, Yoreh Deah 119:20). For example, if the guest observes cholov yisroel fully and the host follows the poskim who permit unsupervised milk in modern Western society, the host may not cook anything that does not meet the guest’s standards without telling him. However, he may place food on the table that is obviously not cholov yisroel. Similarly, if the guest notifies the host that he uses only food with a specific hechsher, the host may not serve him food that violates this standard.

Once a halacha-abiding host knows his guest’s standards, the guest may assume that the host is accommodating his standards and eat whatever is served without further questions (Shach, Yoreh Deah 119:20). This is included in Chazal’s adage, whatever the host asks you to do, you should do, since questioning the host’s standards unnecessarily is offensive. Offending someone is always halachically reprehensible, and certainly when he has done one a favor.

On the other hand, if the guest has a personal halachic stringency that he would rather not divulge, he should not violate his chumrah and he is not required to divulge it (Shaarei Teshuvah 170:6; Ben Yehoyada).

Generally, one should be modest when it comes to any chumrah (Birkei Yosef 170:6). Of course, one should always be aware that taking on personal chumros comes at a price, and one would discuss the matter with a gadol prior to observing a chumrah. (See the important discussion on this point in Michtav Mei’Eliyahu Volume 3 pg. 294.)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So I believe that those who beat up Natie Grossman because he's not resetting his mind to be robotic like the manipulators wish, those aren't capable of forging letters? just asking..

Superintendant chalmers said...

R' Yudel,
What was your opinion on the hafganah?
Did you go?

The hisachdis was involved, so I'd think you would stay away, but Lakewood's position was not to go, so you'd have to go. How were you machria?

yeshivishe cholov yisroel said...

cRc partners with Skver & hires a Lubavitcher mashgiach.

Sounds yeshivish enough!

Bird brains said...

If they try to cheat in this area, would they also cut corners on kashrus?

June 5, 2013

NEW YORK (JTA) — Empire Kosher Poultry was fined $99,000 by Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection for repeat violations dating back to 2008.
The infractions at America’s largest kosher poultry producer, which has its plant in Mifflintown, Pa., included chemical spills, discharge of untreated industrial wastewater into the nearby Juniata River, improper storage of solid waste and a lack of reporting to state authorities of some unauthorized discharges.
For example, a state inspection on March 15 revealed an unreported industrial wastewater spill that an Empire employee said was from the chicken de-skinning operation area. Inspectors found a wastewater manhole that overflowed to the ground and into a storm water conveyance system, spilling chicken skin and fat into the areas.
The earliest citation, in May 2008, faulted Empire for having dysfunctional dissolved-air-flotation machines, not maintaining proper records, failing to provide secondary containment around storage containers in the feather pit, and having chemical spills and process waste in the feather pit.
As after other inspections, Empire told state authorities that it would take corrective actions.
On May 28, Empire agreed to pay fines totaling $99,000. Approximately $15,000 was paid to Pennsylvania’s Solid Waste Abatement Fund and another $84,000 will go to the state’s Clean Water Fund over a period of about five months.

Monsey said...

This menuvol was working in a bunch of heimishe bagel stores, Bubba's, Fallsburg & Bagel d'Lox. The owner of Bagel d'Lox under Rav Steinmetz hashgocho was allegedly protecting the menuvol even after he was arrested.

Anonymous said...

Yudel always attacks the Brooklyn hashgochos for not taking responsibility for bugs but the Eida does the same thing

MA’ADANEI YERUSHALAYIM, 15 Yehuda HaNasi Street (Eida Chareidis) The supervision on the store is for spices, legumes, dried fruits and pitzuchim (nuts andseeds) only. Read the sign folks. Once again, the sign states the coverage is regarding tithes and orla, not insect infestation where applicable

Anonymous said...

R' Aron Kotler ztl was generally against these Satmar machoas so why does the cheeky commenter think R' Yudel would act any different?

Qveens said...

"protecting the menuvol even after he was arrested"

That's like Schonfeld & Schwartz of VHQ protecting Ebstein at Queens Pita bakery. For a long time after he was arrested they let him keep giving cookies to kids he wanted to molest. Ages later when Ebstein finally pleaded guilty in court, the Vaad all of a sudden jumps up to finally take action & pretend like they are heroes for getting rid of him.

Anonymous said...

another forgery was uncovered where they photoshopped R' Chaims signature under a copy of the Kehillas Yaakov.

Anonymous said...

Many Satmareres Consider Fighting Tzioynim The Prime Existance of Their Religion and anything to achieve these goals, including Forging a Godal Hadors Signature whom they feel does not "Understand" is Permitted, The Ends Justify The Means. As a Side Note People whi Make attacking one issue or Group as The Cornerstone Of Their Religion many Times do it as a cop out so That They Dont Have To Be Amal BaTorah or Break Their Midos or Tayvos, Instead all They Have To Do Is Put on Frumma Clothing and Yell and Scream at The whole World.

Anonymous said...

There’s an Italian pizza place on Pico Blvd that was kosher for a while (Brooklyn Pizza – across from Young Israel of Century City). It was supervised by the RCC. The owner felt like the RCC was shaking him down for money and went treif.

Noah’s Bagels was kosher under Rabbi Bukspan then the RCC shoved him out of the way and took over the kosher certification, claiming they’d bring in more customers. That did not work out.

Sam* emails:

I am friendly with the owner of Brooklyn Pizza. He told me that the reason that he was no longer kosher certified under the RCC is that the Mashgiach they appointed for him was stealing from him and that the RCC refused to replace him with someone else. I think that he even caught him on camera.

Chossid of C.S. said...

Rabbeinu Chaim Schwartz is a loyal soldier in the service of Reish kol bnei Galusa R' Joel Shonfeld.

And back in the day when R' Joel's father R' Fabian (Shraga) Shonfeld had a say over OU kashrus, it seems like there are a lot of similarities to today's Queens Vaad!

Chossid of C.S. said...

Rabbeinu has a solid background in kashrus before stepping foot in Queens

KVH didn't even stop Jewish owners from operating restaurants on Shabbos until Rabbeinu was gone from Boston