Friday, June 21, 2013

Don't rely on the Heimish for infestation issues

Don't rely on the Heimish for infestation issues.

We have seen that some Heimish hashgochas has a complete lack of knowledge in infestation. Refusing to accept responsibility for certifying infested product.

Heimish certifiers certify Bodek products even though there is an infestation issue. They will certify product that contains insects even up to & including 1.3 mm in size. Note: the series numbers on a dollar bill are only 1 mm and it's clearly visible.

The heimish hashgochas in Brooklyn, on catering halls, restaurants, takeout, etc also have a lack of properly tested & trained Mashgichim. It's advisable to refrain from consuming any items that require bedika, unless the mashgiach is certified from a reliable agency in bedikas tolay'im.


Anonymous said...

You certainly can't trust the modern orthodox hashgochos like the OU who pretend to have "yeshivish" leadership in Belsky. They said at first you can't have fresh broccoli, etc, but then secretly changed the rules to allow it and did not admit to it until a long time after their were complaints about the secret backslide.

Now these moderner hypocrites at OU-RCA are attacking Avi Weiss for giving semicha to 4 women a week ago, but it's all empty talk as usual.

Shaar Hashomoyim in Montreal which is a member of OU hired one of these women rabbis as did the OU affiliated National Synagogue in Washington DC. This is also kashrus related because the Montreal shul is a member of MK's Vaad HoIr and the DC shul gives hashgocho to caterers.

Will the OU revoke the membership of these people? Doubtful because the OU has no backbone.

“We cannot accept the ordination of women as members of the Orthodox clergy,” said Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, president of the Rabbinical Council of America. “We do not accept the ordination of women as members of the Orthodox rabbinate, regardless of title.”

Goldin pointedly dismissed support for the maharats from more progressive Orthodox institutions, like the progressive Yeshivat Chovevei Torah & the International Rabbinic Fellowship, which both sent representatives to the graduation.

“That’s not how Halacha works,” Goldin said. “There’s consensus that’s required, and there’s recognition of past practice that’s required."

Goldin darkly warned that change without support of Halacha would only lead to “schisms within the Orthodox community.”

Rabbah Hurwitz said progressive voices within Orthodoxy are looking to push for change in issues like conversion, the decentralization of authority and, of course, women’s rights. “I think it’s those issues that are going to force a conversation about how we are working together,” she said. “It’s not going to be the women’s issues alone.“

Boro Park said...

Cute that even the OU is criticizing Aron Mehlman & Chananya Elbaz for pushing their bad hashgochos into Boro Park & Flatbush

Los Angeles said...

This rav hamachshir advertises that he is a talmid of R' Shneur. He has misleading information here about supposedly kosher gelatin that poskim are mattir. Poskim were mattir gelatin when the old process was used that was just from old bones. There is too much lachluchis today for the poskim to still be mattir modern manufacturing techniques.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Katz was a big macher in the RCA of those days

In 1961, Rabbi Morris Katz published a scathing exposé of the kosher sausage houses in the Midwest, where he claimed that up to 80% of all "kosher" meat was treife (not kosher). This incurred the ire of the local rabbinical councils for making trouble and making a public scandal.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Goldin has nothing to do with the OU

get your facts straight said...

"Rabbi Goldin has nothing to do with the OU"

Goldin is the head of the RCA which is the rabbinical arm of the OU.

The RCA also has a division called the Rabbinic Kashrus Commission which investigates kashrus problems and brings it's findings to OU kashrus.

T.P.V said...

#klalyisrael not trending on Twitter ?

Yitzchok said...

I wanted to clarify the original comment about the crc and Rabbi Gissinger. Is there a machlokes what size is considered assur and they hold that up to 1.3 mm is mutar? If so is it just them or are there any other Rabonim that discuss it. Also do any other hechsherim allow such a size?