Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weiss Airline / Hospital meal "Vegies" Infestation checking not reliable.

Weiss Airline / Hospital meals-  "Vegies"  Infestation checking not reliable.


Anonymous said...

I don't think by Mendelsons it's any better. Rav Gruber flegt zein besser, yetst is ess alts gelt, vee sachdus.

Anonymous said...

His Dole with stickers is also no good, he relies on the goyim at laboratory at dole

Anonymous said...

Is there a Hisachdus Harabunim in Monsey?

Anonymous said...

Goldberg will come to the rescue,
Please have $$$$$$ ready for his arrival

Anonymous said...

Yudel, is this a real issue or are you beating up on Rav Gruber again because he certifies J&R which ain hochi nami is a loser company because he temporarily switches from Rav Gruber to the Vineland Lubavitcher when infestation is bezunder bad?

NPGS "double dipping" said...


Who knew that Zev Rothschild is also a rav hamachshir on out of town mikvaos? The 2nd page of this article says so

OU Crony Watch said...


The kosher dining hall located at the Center for Jewish Life (CJL), is supervised by the Orthodox Union (OU).


March 25, 2013 First Night Seder Menu

Queer Seder -
Join LGBTQ*J (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Jews) for the CJL’s second annual queer Seder! A queer Seder provides the opportunity to examine oppression and liberation from a LGBTQ perspective. This Seder will blend old and new traditions, using our own queer Haggadah.

Anonymous said...

R' Avrohom Broida who was the rov in Metz, Frankfurt & Prague over 300 years ago, assered coffee as kitniyos. The Shvus Yaakov was only mattir coffee if it was dried & ground by a Yid before Pesach so it that was not rauy l'achilas kelev. A talmid of R' Yaakov Emden wrote that later rabbonim said this issur was a taus as you cannot have kitniyos that grows on trees. This talmid also was cholek on the beis din of Hanover who assered sugar on Pesach.

lets hope at least the kashrus is real said...


not clear under which hashgocho, but this kosher restaurant in lvov, ukraine, lends to diners a selection of up-hats with fake langa payos

Anonymous said...

Speaking of coffee, I don't understand how anyone is giving hashgocho on coffeehouses or how cRc Chicago puts out that list of what is not treif at Starbucks.

Coffeehouses were assered by everyone even before evaluating the kashrus concerns. The Chasam Sofer, the Mahari Assad & even R' Yaakov Emden who was frequently a maykil in these inyanim. The Noda Bihudah said that coffeehouses are a place for the type of kalei daas that didn't even spend the first few years in cheder.

Anonymous said...

do american hashgochos agree?


According to the Italian Kosher Union (IKU), which defers here to the Parisian kosher authority (www.consistoire.org), all types of anchovies packed in salt are kosher, even without a hechsher, but you may want to check with your own kashrut authority to verify. Canned or jarred anchovies packed in olive oil need certification.

Bottarga: This is salted, dried and pressed mullet roe. According to IKU, this is generally OK without a hechsher, but you may want to check with your kashrut authority to verify.

Anonymous said...

This is mamash a scandal! If they are telling the truth, is it the OU or who that relies on these non-orthodox people to take care of kashrus in that country?

Centro Israelita de la Republica Dominicana
21 Avenida Sarasota
P.O. Box 2189
Acaias Las 7, Cuesta Her
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


SYNAGOGUE: our Temple does not have a Mehitza (partition)

KOSHER CERTIFICATION: We represent one of the leading international Kosher Certification institutions and serve the Dominican food export industrial sector.