Sunday, July 07, 2013

Alert: Which egg rolls you should NOT eat? Why?

Which egg rolls you should NOT eat?

If it has the Brooklyn Hashgocha on it. They use the infamous koshertaste brand among other unacceptable brands.


Anonymous said...

Meal Mart spot checks their cabbages by boiling a bunch and then checking them and using those as a chazaka for the rest. The problem is that once they are cooked there is a safek nimuach. This should not make chazaka for some not equally cooked.

Los Angeles said...

Did Rabbi Teichman not do his homework or did he fall victim to a clever scam artist?

This "Kiddush Hashem" wine was around for years made by a "Rabbi Samuel Perez" who many people had no idea who he was. There is a reader comment here that he reportedly worked as a mashgiach at Baron Herzog.

Look what the "rabbi" is up to now:

Rabbi Samuel Perez’s past business ventures include a dozen years in kosher wine production and consulting. Perez established Kiddush Hashem Cellars in 2001 and went on to great success. When speaking of Kiddush Hashem’s Syrah, Wolfgang Puck of Spago said, “This is the best Kosher Syrah I have ever tasted.”

Perez and business partner Robert Lozano have since turned their focus into Confianza Investment Group, LLC. Lozano’s was previously the owner-operator of Emmanuel Christian Book Store. Lozano and Perez are combining their business experience and expertise to reach opportunity in the market.

They are dedicated to helping others and proceeds that are produced from this venue will be given to MISSIONARY WORK.

Anonymous said...

'Sachdus has a Yoely klein that has Xray vission.

He checks just 3 leaves & he could visualize that there are no insects.

A Baron Herzog mashgiach who cares said...

I have to tell R' Hillel Weinberger from Mt. Kisco about this undercover missionary

Gay aveck said...

The OU statement last week on toyavah & the Supreme Court was pathetic and almost apologetic:

“We also recognize that no religion has the right to dictate its beliefs to the entire body politic and we do not expect that secular law will always align with our viewpoint,”

Toyavah is one thing we are mechuyev to fight against but the OU never has stomach to fight anything unless their profit is at stake.

A Mashgiach Who Cares said...

Hi "Baron Herzog mashgiach who cares!

Haven't heard from you for a while...

While you're at it, you can also please send R' Weinberger my best regards...

Anonymous said...

Munroe is under sachdus, they must use infested product.