Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kosher Taste's infested product

 Certifieers of Kosher Taste's produce that is infested with mites among other insects. The product was checked in the past two weeks.

Do not confuse with the Romain they certified that was infested with thrips, aphids, etc. They tried claiming that it was one bad load, but it was one bad deception. It seems they don't have properly trained inspectors for insects.

 The Certifiers of Bodek Product & their Garni-Bags that allows fully grown thrips to go through the holes in the bag.  Rabbi  certifiers allows insects up to 1.3 mm, as smaller is not visible to the eye. The "series numbers on a dollar bill are 1 mm, Bodek's Certifiers say you can't see it.

All other reliable certifiers'  limit is 0.3 mm, as that is the smallest size that visible.

 Kosher Taste company sells also non certified product, they feel the gullible purchaser will not realize that there is NO kosher certification at all. After all "a frimer heimish yid sold it to me", so it must be kosher. Therefore be alert when purchasing anything with their Hashgocha.
NOTE: Their poultry Shechitas are very good in general.

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