Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Update: Kashrus Alert: Kof-K restaurants and caterers, take-out, pizza stores etc


The ones responsible for the non-kosher standards of "infestation" at the Kof-K are not to be relied upon at all, including their fruits, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc veggies including all leafy vegetables, herbs, celery etc.


The same Rav gives hashgocha on "It's Yo" yogurt in Howell, NJ- Don't use it

When the Rav responsible was asked, "your eateries' fruits and vegetables are infested"? He smirked and responded as follows;
צדיקים ילכו בו, ופושעים יכשלו בה וכו'  - הלעיטהו לרשע וכו'


Anonymous said...

My Ruv told me that that Ruv at the Kuf-K responsible for the standards of infestation used to be a maikel, but sadly he found lately that he actually became nebech a "kal" in insects.

Anonymous said...

"Standards" is not even correct terminology when the franchisee rabbi of Chof K food service (restaurants, caterers, take out stores, food carts) does no checking WHATSOEVER.

The franchisee rabbi is also the posek for regular Chof K. Does Rabbi Senter really believe it when he tells yeshivish people that "OUR posek is not just anyone, he is Rabbi So & So" mit an oomph denoting chashivus & mehadrin standards.

Anonymous said...

As recently as last week, Rav Gissinger claimed in a shiur given in Monsey that washing fulfills the chiyuv bedika.

Anonymous said...

Can u post the shiur here so we can hear it. Im sure it was recorded.

Anonymous said...

Go to the website 18forshay, it was delivered June 29 by R. Gissinger

Anonymous said...

Chof k allows raspberries?? where do you get your info from?

Kashrus Reformers said...

Gissinger has a friend in rabbonus somewhere else who follows this krumkeit al piv of no checking at all. And he is a fanatic about it. If you are a guest by his tish he tells your wife to eat his infested garbage. If you protest she is my wife & I do not eat unchecked items that are muchzok he dismisses you "stop with the Brisker chumros" and instructs her with his finger to eat.

How his behavior is any different than maysis umaydiach veiss Ich nisht.

Anonymous said...

They do allow broccolini, scallions are washed cut in circles, ke neged expert opinions, etc.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Shain,

You are not joking? He REALLY said:

; צדיקים ילכו בו, ופושעים יכשלו בה וכו' - הלעיטהו לרשע


Yudel Shain said...

yes!, with a frum smirk

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone protest the opening of the new pruste Cafe called KAVA on the 9 acroos from Grebow, with Gissingers Hashgocho.
1. There is no mashgiach temidi, only goyim working there throughout the day.
2. There are pruste Goytas working there.
3. The advertisement posted in one of the prestigious Lakewood Magazines had a picture of goytas.
4. This is a very megushamdige place and should be outlawed.
It looks like it is really a hefkervelt, and ish hayoshor beeynov yaaseh.