Tuesday, August 06, 2013

E-Juice- for Electic Cigarettes- Kosher? Does have to be? yes!

Does the juice or flavor for electronic cigarettes pose kashrus issues?

Yes. [Glycerin, flavors]

Electronic cigarettes convert a specially formulated liquid into a vapor which the person inhales in a manner that mimics the way one inhales from a traditional cigarette. The liquid (which is sometimes called “juice”, “smoke-juice” or similar names) typically includes kosher-sensitive ingredients such as glycerin and flavors, and since the person imbibes the liquid/vapor. 

Rav Schwartz said that the liquid must be certified as kosher. We contacted a number of manufacturers who claim to use only kosher raw materials but there is no independent agency who certifies that claim, and therefore we are unable to recommend those products. [As with all medical issues, one should consult with their doctor before deciding to use or not use electronic cigarettes.]


OU Eyepopper said...


Two very left wing rabbis known for their krum shitos who work for the OU in Israel, Dokter Rabbiner Ari Zivotofsky and Dokter Rabbiner Israel Meir Levinger are pushing to be mattir foie gras. This maachal usually and probably always comes from force feeding geese until their stomachs rupture. It was assered by the Bach and more heintigger poskim.

Zivotofsky & Levinger have a history of distorting what poskim say and it is suspicious that they claim that some Achronim are cholek on the Bach without actually naming anyone. I also wouldn't believe a word Levinger says about perfecting a new way to make authentic foie gras with no tzaar baalei chaim involved. He is also in charge of a hashgocho in Basel Switzerland that bnei Torah stay clear from eating from him.

Anonymous said...

btw dropsmoke is getting a hechsher on there e liquid from the crc(hisachdus)

Dropsmoke said...

Dropsmoke has CRC certification on all its juices.