Friday, June 19, 2015

Alert:CRC Hisachdus is in a "pickle" (Garlic sour-pickles)

Alert: Garlic sour-pickles

Some producers with hisachdus CRC do not peel the garlic, which have mites and or other insects. 

Don't use Golden, Williamsburg, Ba Tampte CRC sour pickles 

The Aida Yerushalaim insists that all of their garlic is peeled. CRC Hisachdus allows unpeeled garlic.

 CRC  ah!.... only the "litvish" eat sour pickles so who cares about them.


Anonymous said...

B4 you make assumptions I would learn a little science If the insects somehow leave the garlic They very likely become dissolved in the vinegar which causes a fermentation process. Even a mouse would dissolve in wine, & the reason it may be prohibited is because it was used to enhance the wine's flavor in ancient times.
Before you assume that there are defiantly insects in garlic, & even if you have established that there are, have you been around the entire world checking & proving the all crops are infested?
Have you experimented in every vinegar or brine mixed with all combinations of cucumbers & their acid & fermentation levels?
At this point I feel you are trying to prohibit something which is permissible halachicaly, for many reasons some mentioned above. Even if the bugs are partially dissolved as long as they are no longer whole , nor do they enhance the flavor, they are no longer prohibited. Now that is if they were there to start with.
Therefore I disagree with you, & I proclaim one doesn't have to wash Garlic pickles, However I concur, I rather the dill pickles to garlic, & yes dill is infested more often than not, yet they become (nimuach) dissolved in the fermentation process, & cause no halachic prohibition. BTW I admit that I haven't tested all the dill in the world nor the combinations & possibly the dill in Yudel's pickles was infested to start with, . One thing I will say this post, posts him in a big pickle, washing alone won't get him out maybe some laundering or koshering may help. How about a mikveh or tvilah.

Anonymous said...

Here goes the Queens Vaad guy trying to undo and kosherize frum, halachic, and non-moderen accepted insect issues. Feh.

MiMedinat HaYam said...

my mother complains every year that in hungary no one ate garlic on pesach. yet, she sees today several hungarian hechsherim for garlic pickles for pesach.

Anonymous said...

Golden Taste from spring valley uses the OU's Batampte pickles that he re-packs. CRC let's them use it even with unpeeled garlic.

Anonymous said...

Pickle juice / briner was found to have whole insects - mites! was not dissolved.

OU Crony Watch said...

Next time someone complains that Cholov Yisroel is "worse quality" than non-Jewish brands, show them this article.

This company is incidentally owned by an Arab, first name Hamdi.

Anonymous said...

R' Yudel,

What about Dill Pickles ?

I thought Dill is infested.

Anonymous said...

"Pickle juice / briner was found to have whole insects"

Were they "NEW" pickles or "OLD" pickles? Those are styles of pickles depending on how long they sat in brine. OLD is in brine for much longer. NEW is not much different than a fresh cucumber.

Itzu crony watch said...

only the "litvish" eat sour pickles so who cares about them

That's why a rov in Flatbush will not eat Satmar matzos unless they are sold in Willy because he doesn't put it past them to send the chumetz rejects to the Flatbush "shkutzim".

Letz said...

Yenner matzoh bakery in Lakewood should work out a deal with a Satmar. They can pool together all the Satmar reject matzos with their own to sell to the Chabadskers.