Friday, October 04, 2013

Get your infested vegies in select Monsey stores- get your protein

Reb Yudel-   Mr Brown getting stronger in Monsey. 

Evergreens, All fresh & Wesley Kosher  Don't care as long they can sale it on special  for $2.99 a bag  reg. $3.99
some salad like spinach, spring mix and sweet  butter does not even have a star K .

Their salads are infested with bugs. 
The consumer can't check them before use. 

Other stores took it of the shelf and they don't sell it no more 
many costumers rely on the hashgacha of the store or they rely on the owner or management. 

They think if this store sells it... it's no problems 
please email or call to stop sale this product 
לפני עיוור לא תתן מיכשול
Wesley Kosher: 845-364-7217
Evergreens : 845-352-4400
All Fresh 845 578-1700 

ישר כוח
This weeks checking the following 3 items:
Thrips in the 50/50 mix
Thrips & worm in the spinach & argula
Thrips &  worm in the spring mix

The sticker if any, may be kosher?

No other items were checked, but their system
is prone to infestation.

One is considered a מזיד not a שוגג.

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Anonymous said...

Is this true about tearing chicken tendons or false propaganda?

Brooklyn’s ‘crazy chicken lady’ making progress in fighting kapparot ritual

By Orli Santo

Seeing that practitioners commonly swung the chickens by their wings, Deych would explain that broiler chickens, bred for their meat, had a particularly heavy body and weak wings and by swinging it that way they were tearing the bird’s tendons.

“Every year I’d see little kids tell their parents, ‘The bird is crying!,’ and the parents would say ‘No, it’s singing. It’s happy to help us,’ ” she recalled. “I’d come over and tell them the kid is right.”

Contradicting parents in front of their children did not make her popular, but it did earn her the title of “the crazy chicken lady.”