Wednesday, October 09, 2013



It's only a question of "how long it will take to catch him". 


Anonymous said...

Why? What did he do?

Anonymous said...

He's been caught many times which explains the high number of hashgocho switches

The "best" was when Star K tried covering up the bar mitzva with chilul Shabbos galore at Yankee stadium but couldn't because it got in the NY Times

Anonymous said...

Yudel, du shlofst?

Mendel Epstein, the shamass of Triangle K's Ralbag and many others are going to prison for life for extortion, torture & possula gittin and no comment?

Anonymous said...

"Mendel Epstein, the shamass of Triangle K's Ralbag and many others"

All roads lead to Rabbi Belsky

Anonymous said...

oy. Ma Noimar ooma nedaber!

Ebstein can sit ,with his minyan and Rosh Hayeshiva. Ober all the mamzairimlach he and the agunas created, vos vet zein mit zay.

May the wolf fund will support them for life ober zai kenen nisht chasena hoben.

Anonymous said...

waiting for the godol hador pinchos lipchius to campagin like sholom mordchei rubshakin

Anonymous said...

Agudah's Chaim Dovid Zweibel already told the newspapers that Wolmark is a "rabbi of caliber"

So will all the mosdos that shnorred fun zein shver Wolfson

Moish Finkel said...

"how long it will take to catch him"

If history repeats itself, it will take 8 years after you issued this warning.

And then some nasty people at the OU will not want you to get the credit so they will deny that you ever warned about it.