Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fresh Express infested even with sticker

Fresh Express infested even with sticker- Don't buy- return to store
Reb Yudel 

I spoke to  Rov Hamachshir and highlight the pact on fresh express with sticker and with out
he said he don't care what the store  selling
people should pay attention to what they buy 
i ask him The Kashroth certificate is making the public think the you authorize the product coming in to the store .
his answer was..i don't care people should pay attention to what they buy the costumers should go to customer service and ask to remove this product of the shelf
email or call to stop sale this product 

Wesley Kosher: 845-364-7217
Evergreens : 845-352-4400

All Fresh 845 578-1700 


Route 59 said...

How is the Shinover Rov giving hashgocho on the sushi at Evergreen made with imitation crab which is said to have anisakis worms?

This is not a sealed package he can blame on someone else. He gives direct hashgocho on the fresh made sushi on premises.

Anonymous said...

The original Shinover was the oldest son of the Divrei Chaim. He was known for never deviating an iota from Shulchan Aruch even though he was a Chassidishe Rebbe.

I hope the heintigger Shinover is not following Belsky (worms) instead of Shulchan Aruch