Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monsey stores selling infested product

Mr. Brown getting stronger in Monsey 
Evergreens, all fresh & Wesley Kosher  don't care as long hey can sale it on special  for $2.99 a bag  reg. $3.99
some salad like spinach, spring mix and sweet  butter does not even have a star K -this salads infested with bugs -they most to be checked before use 
other stores took it off the shelf and they don't sell it no more 
many costumers rely on the hashgacha of the store or they relay on the owner or management -they think if this store sale it... it no problems 

please email or call to stop sale this product 

Wesley Kosher: 845-364-7217
Evergreens : 845-352-4400
All Fresh 845 578-1700

Newday Market 845-415-3000

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