Thursday, December 12, 2013

UPDATE: Kashrus Alert- Baldor brussel sprouts infested. "OK" Certified

The OK put out a notice that their certified products are indeed infested and they don't have properly trained mashgichim for infestaion. 

Note: The product was not pulled from the shelves at all.

"8" insects in one small bag? shocking!  "OK" certified!

With finding constantly infested product in the market with various kashrus certifiers, it becomes  very worrisome.

The issue is most mashgichim were not trained properly.

The reason the mashgichim aren't trained properly is because the kosher certifiers themselves had no practical training, so how can they set guidelines, let alone to train others.

Don't eat any vegetables that require Bedikas, unless the mashgiach was properly trained by an expert.


Anonymous said...

The one way to be positive that you are eating kosher vegetables "no infestation" is to use the positive brand only.

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...

In a major breakthrough in the long, tortuous effort to solve the problem of agunot, an international religious court is in formation, headed by a highly respected Orthodox rabbi, with the goal of freeing women.

Blu Greenberg, founder of JOFA, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, announced at the group’s conference this week that Rabbi Simcha Krauss, former rabbi of the Young Israel of Hillcrest Queens, has agreed to serve as the head of an independent rabbinic court in formation seeking “systemic halachic solutions” to the problem.

A major figure in CENTRIST Orthodoxy who was president of the Religious Zionists of America, Rabbi Krauss made aliyah in 2005 & is affiliated with YeshivaT Eretz HaTzvi in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Krauss, in an interview, said on Monday that while he is somewhat concerned about the criticism sure to be leveled at the new court from those on the right, he is prepared to go forward.

“I understand that halacha moves slowly,” he said, “but it’s been too slow. It’s time.”

Rabbi Krauss said he hopes to bring 6 to 10 dayanim on board to his bet din. The first two named are Rabbi Yosef Blau, mashgiach ruchani at Yeshiva University, and Rabbi Joseph Polak, who served for many years as director of Hillel at Boston University & chairs the halacha committee of the Boston bet din (affiliated with KVH that used to employ Queens Vaad Executive Drecktor Chaim Schwartz)

The most recent effort in this country to solve the agunah problem ... was the bet din of Rabbi Emanuel Rackman, a major figure in Modern Orthodoxy & president of Bar-Ilan University.

(The gedolim wrote that Rackman makes mamzerim)

Concerned about the MORAL INJUSTICE OF JEWISH LAW as it was being practiced, and sympathetic to the plight of women who were trapped in marriages, he issued divorces on the basis of kiddushei ta’ot, a Talmudic concept for annulment.

Though Rabbi Rackman was deeply respected in the Modern Orthodox community, his approach was sharply criticized by his rabbinic colleagues as too lenient. The practical result was that many refused to officiate at the subsequent weddings of women who had been freed by the rabbi’s bet din.

Blu Greenberg’s talk on Sunday was the outcome of an Agunah Summit held this summer, which sought to widen the issue from a NARROW RELIGIOUS one to one of SOCIAL JUSTICE and HUMAN RIGHTS.

In addition to kiddushei ta’ot, Greenberg said that several other halachic solutions that have been used historically by prominent rabbis, going back centuries, are under consideration. They include hafka’at kiddushin, permitting an annulment under extreme circumstances of a husband’s refusal to grant the divorce, and giving a bet din the right to force a husband, even physically, until he willingly gives his wife a get, a divorce.

Rabbi Krauss said that while he could not guarantee, on principle, that every agunah who approaches the bet din would be freed, he believes that in practice, “99.9 percent” could be.

He implied that he may follow interpretation of Sephardic sages, which have resulted in far fewer cases of agunot.

(Belsky claims a bittul kiddushin he did was ok according to R' Chaim Palaggi. Belsky backed down from it after all the gedolim attacked him)

Anonymous said...

Qveens said...

When Rabbi Krauss made aliyah, those were "big" shoes to fill at Young Israel of Hillcrest. The new rabbi is Queens Vaad co-President Dr. Richard Weiss who says that Steinzaltz is the way to learn instead of Vilna Shas. Dr. Richard plays second fiddle at the Queens Vaad to Joel Schonfeld in ordering around their yeshivishe looking puppet to maintain various cover ups of kashrus scandals and protecting child molesters.

Without their yeshivishe looking puppet, they would never get away with pulling the wool over of the eyes of the Kew Gardens oylam.

Anonymous said...

Why make up stories when the true is as follows from the ok site:
Please be advised that the following product: Urban Roots Brussel Sprouts sold by Baldor Specialty Foods (Bronx, NY) was mistakenly labeled with the OK Kosher symbol.

THIS ITEM IS NOT OK KOSHER CERTIFIED. Corrective action has been taken

Chossid of C.S. said...

Krauss's shul is Queens Vaad at it's best. The first shul in NY that all the newspapers reported had a group of women leining from a sefer Torah on Shabbos. And Krauss knows how to dress and act yeshivish, kind of like someone else we know at VHQ.

Just scratch a little on these "yeshivishe" Queens Vaad yoyos and you will see what they are standing in front to conceal which is not only making a churban out of kashrus, but bichlal the farthest Left reaches of modern orthodox and sometimes outright Conservative / Reform.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You mean OK didn't outright deny things like they did with the cocoa from China - for Pesach - that had no mashgiach?

Anonymous said...

I am very surprised how you can twist a story!
on November 20th I got an email alert that brussel sprouts have been mislabeled with the OK.
the OK never intended to certify this product!
it is a simple mislabel.
how often do other hechsherim put out alerts and you do not make it out to be a scandal.
this only shows that people should not take what you write as fact but to like a fiction, of an imaginary world with imaginary facts, which support your cause!

good luck!