Thursday, December 05, 2013

Kashrus Alert: Gelbsteins Bakery uses "Blueberries".

Kashrus Alert: Gelbsteins Bakery uses "Blueberries".
It's a well known fact that all blueberries are infested. (Organic, Cultivated, Frozen, etc including Bodek's).

Hashgochas?  "Trust me, I'm a Rabbi". Insects are not kosher? I didn't know.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect....I don't know how you get up and face the far, everything and everywhere is treif...nobody tells the truth and you seem to feel that LSOHON hara comes before all of that! How on earth do you justify putting all of this on the Internet???

Little Boy Blue said...

Even greenhouse propagandist markopolo has no pischon peh here.

North Carolina State University tried raising blueberries in greenhouses but the plants would not cooperate in such an environment and would not bear fruit.