Monday, August 04, 2014

Kashrus Alert: RE: Don't rely on KCL (on Blueberries-לאפרושי מאיסורא)

Kashrus Alert: RE: Don't rely on Voice's article on Blueberries-לאפרושי מאיסורא

The Article states some very misleading and wrong information, which was approved  written by 
Rabbi Weisner  KCL.

The article seems to say that only the Michigan & New Jersey Blueberries are a problem. The actual facts are that all blueberries are to be considered infested.

The article also states that frozen ones..only with a good hashgocha- The facts are that the BODEK brand  of frozen blueberries are also infested.

There aren't any blueberries  today in the market with a hashgocha that are acceptable, that is why J&J, Mehadrin, Givat, Norman's do not use any blueberries.

 KCL still allows "infested" blueberries in their certified establishments. 

IT TOOK  KCL A FULL 2 YEARS TO ADMIT THAT BLUEBERRIES ARE A SERIOUS INFESTATION PROBLEM-The BMG's KCL misled the Tzibur and encouraged to consume infested food. R"L
The following insect infestation information is from on August 1, 2014.
"BLUEBERRIES: The KCL (Kashrus Council of Lakewood) recently concluded a thorough testing of blueberries in local grocery stores. 100% of the containers contained scale insects. Between 10% and 20% of the berries had scales on them. We are advised that this number is consistent with weekly agricultural blueberry reports issued be Rutgers University. One of the Bodkim reported that 50% of the scales are males, which contain a whole insect. A Bedikas Tolaim expert advised us that based on these findings, he would not recommend buying blueberries--as the scale insects cannot be readily washed off. In his words: 'If you want to check them, be very careful and very thorough. If you think that you found and removed the infested ones then soak the remaining ones in soap and rinse very thoroughly.'"

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Facing the kashrus music said...

Very disappointed with the kashrus standards at Chanukkah "Lipa" concert that took place in Gourmet Glatt in the 5 Towns. And not just the blueberries for sale there.

They were giving out free food at 3 different stations that was fleishdik, milchdik & fishdik.

It was not clear that the fleishdik was actually fleishdik. Even some of the frum residents during the year do not realize this and buy the fleishdik takeout food on the assumption it is pareve. And since the concert was advertised everywhere as a Chanukkah event for kids, it attracted a lot of freya who certainly had no clue. So there were people fressing pizza after fressing fleishdiks.

I think it was a huge michshol and I don't think anyone cares. There have been big problems there that the owners blow off even if (non-Vaad) rabbonim approach them. And Rav Eisen of the hand usually has his hands tied by the modern orthodox shul rabbis who employ him under constant threat to not make trouble with pesky kashrus inyanim.

Taxpayer said...

Maybe they will get blueberry pie for dessert. Here is another free lunch given by Democrats to illegals at our expense.

Anonymous said...

what ever the voice said u cant trust thay ar part of the b m g gang

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So which 2 mohalim were banned by NYC health Dept. from doing brisim in NYC?

Anonymous said...

Several scales are localized pests in Pennsylvania nectarines.

San Jose scale is the most destructive, but Lyconium scales can also stress trees. The scales feed on limbs, twigs, and fruit protected by a shell-like cover. San Jose scale crawlers emerge from beneath the shell and move to the fruit where they cause spotting and pitting. The fruit obtains a characteristic red spot discoloration around the insect and may be unsightly enough to cause the fruit to be culled. High populations may seriously weaken or kill fruiting branches and main limbs, thus causing permanent injury to mature trees. Lyconium scales feed only on the branches and foliage.

Scales are controlled by narrow range oil applications during the dormant season coupled with insecticides targeted at adults or crawlers during the season. However, insecticides applied for other pests prevent establishment of the scales in most commercial orchards. Methyl parathion is an effective scale material

Strawberries said...

Who said peeling them was good enough?