Monday, December 23, 2013

UPDATED: Lakewood: The causes of our Jewish teen at risk!

The "wanna-be's in kashrus are the causes of our "teens at risk"

The VOICE, another misleading [BMG's KCL] Kashrus article. 

Correction: Note: The article was written by KCL's Rabbi Weisner, not by Rabbi Berman
Should not be removed from the stem (as stated in the article) to wash as the insects may penetrate into the cavity left by the stem. NOTE: As stated in article "rub with your fingers while rinsing" that's when they are going to be going into the cavity left by the removed stem.

The correct method as was explained by the experts on Bedikas Tola'im including Rav Moshe Vaye, Rav Goldstein, Rav Einhorn, Rav Shternfeld  etc.  Separate the grapes into smaller clusters, soak in a soapy solution for a few minutes. Do the soaking in a soapy solution 3 times and rinsing very well in between the soakings and rubbing the grapes with your fingers. Then separate the grapes from the stem and rinse & rub each one.

All Raisins are to be considered infested, regardless if they are black, yellow, etc. They are very hard and time consuming to check. Most of the raisins with Hashgochas are also infested. There was production of Raisins done in California under the Aida's hashgocha (Rav Shternfeld) that was free from insects. Only those raisins are acceptable. Raisin bran cereals should not be used. Craisins are cranberries and are not infested. Most currants are also a smaller type of raisin which may have the same issues as the larger raisins.

The Zante currants are not a raisin at all. Raisins grow on vines and are sweet, while Zante currants grow on bushes and are tart. They are not infested.

Strawberries: Strawberries, including the long stem strawberries may have thrips, mites, worms, etc. The thrips may hide under the seeds, therefore all of the washing can't assure you that the strawberry is clean. Therefore the safest method is to remove with a sharp knife the green leaves on top with a thin sliver of the fruit. Then peel the strawberry. Others may dip the peeled strawberry in chocolate.

Frozen, dried strawberries even with hashgochas were checked in a laboratory and found to contain insects. Therefore if one wants to use frozen strawberries with the hashgocha, they should first "puree" or cook them. As per Rav Moshe Vaye and other experts.  Preserves and jam have pieces and should not be used. Yogurts and Lebens that have real fruit, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc should not be used

The Shulchan Aruch rules that a father must prevent even an infant from eating non-kosher food, because it will harm him when he grows up …and causing him to have bad character.

The Kli Yakar writes, with regard to the damage caused by eating forbidden foods; “defile the pure soul, dull the mind, & promote the trait of cruelty”.

The Chasam Sofer writes most of the apikursis is sparked by eating forbidden foods. The Divrei Chaim also says something similar many communities almost abandoned Yidishkeit  because of  the masses that consumed non-kosher food. They then fell prey to foreign ideologies and ultimately were lost to the holy Jewish nation
.Reb Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz, Z”L says
I accuse!
The very great Rabbis, Roshei Yeshiva, Rabei-im & Menhalim etc. don’t you see what has become of your youth? Don’t you know that Jewish children have become tramps, gamblers, gangsters, candidates for the electric chair, and all kinds of “ist’s” only because they have been raised on Non-kosher food R”L, yet you sleep, but how much longer?


Anonymous said...

these bugs are dead. How can they get into the grape cavity? the voice is right, the can be better agitated when separated, not when in small clusters.

OU Crony Watch said...

Isn't it comforting to know that OU kashrus is in the hands of someone like Rabbi Belsky?

Teaneck said...

Dodelsons and feminism came from Teaneck to Lakewood, so why not Teaneck style fressing too?

Anonymous said...

Why did the CEO feel the need to hire a new chief fundraiser for BMG, Applegrad of Torah Temimah infamy, who is Moish Finkel's mechutan?

Anonymous said...

probably means that the agitation itself can move the bugs into the cavity.

Anonymous said...

What makes Berman an expert in bugs? I thought only Green knows