Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hisachdus CRC using OK Cholov Akum Chocolate? "kasher keilim"?

Hisachdus CRC's B. A. Glick has a very close financial relationship w/ OK Labs, Therefore they will not stop their establishments from using the cholov Akum chocolate.

Does all Hisachdus and other heimish hashgochah establishments have to kasher their keilim?
Why not?
They use the refiners & other equipment interchangeably which isn't koshered. Btw- "Hisachdus never kashers there" even if a mashgiach did arrive.


Anonymous said...

KCL allows Blommrs chocolate, will they kasher?

Comics said...


Conservative "rabbi" Shammai Engelmayer criticizing Satmar shechita & OU's 999.

He is the father of Juda Engelmayer who was caught by journalists as being behind the attacks on Rubashkin critics through internet sockpuppeting which is a Federal offense. Juda is an executive of the PR firm that was retained at the time by Rubashkin. The sockpuppeting victims did not press charges after Juda offered a very weak apology. Juda owns Kossar's Bialys which was under Hisachdus hashgocho even though Juda is an outspoken koifer who insults R' Dovid Feinstein for sticking by no eruv and who wrote in a newspaper that he doesn't believe in frumkeit but takes his kids to a modern orthodox shul to give them a sense of tradition.

Anonymous said...

Who says they don't kasher???
From what we know, they have a seperate parve line for Manhattan. when produced only with a mashgiach, no return, seperate kelim.
I would say,
check your facts. But I'm sure you know all this, and are just trying to stir up trouble.

Jean Drapeau said...

Why the picture of Rabbis Wenger and Posen from Montreal, checking keilim before Pesach kashering?