Thursday, August 01, 2013

How to steal from anyone? "Loi-tzais-Dinah"

Just ask the "Aryehs" (Lakewood & Eretz Yisroel) et al, Shia Frankel &amp Yoinah Weiss; their capable "Toi'in-Rabbani" Motty Berger.

Bring false appraisals, false documents, lies, etc, threats
חשדהו וחשדהו, כבדהו would be recommended, למיחש מיבעי

They are even getting other "GRAK" Bais- Dins to do some of their dirty work??

"Moshe Aryeh" is even posting dirty comments!


stav said...

Moshe Y. Bursztyn said They Should Go To Vaad Hadayonim His Uncle Gavriel Finkel can Help Them

enough already, crescent heads said...

Is it true that all the commentators
Who mention the Queens Vaad are on LSD?