Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Heiligeh Lakewood Matzo Bakery is doing what??? I can't believe it.

It's sad when the only thing to look for in a matzo bakery is "chaburah"
חבורה= מכה הכתובה בתורה!! וכו
Why would one want chaburah matzos?
One should opt for at least matzos, acceptably kusher according to his own standards.
It may be "mehudar" to take hand matzos off the shelf in some reliable bakeries.

The reliable matzo bakeries in NY also accommodate "chaburas".

Hopefully the chaburas know something about a matzo Bakery.


Anonymous said...

What are they doing?

Anonymous said...

using warm water to wash the peoples hands?

Anonymous said...

05:34:00 PM

Not enough dough going to 1140.

matza fresser said...

yudel whats wrong with the matzos? I just had some yesterday with my liver and it was very tasty. I cant imagine why u don't like them. Maybe you like whole wheat better? I had regular.
Thye were really good. you cant even compare them to the ones that I eat on Pesach

Anonymous said...

I want the same Matzah they use in that south Jersey Gulf Club - the one with no web site and with 'heimish' catrere AND the BESTest HASHGACHA.
The place where they chech each and every 'edible flower'.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he trained the bochurim/homeless "mashgichim" to check every single uncheckable flower.

The caterer dosnt have patience to deal with a real hechsher. He does it "in-house". The real ultimate pay to play. There is no accountability because there is no hechsher or standard.

Anonymous said...

The "chashuvim" are not baking this year at this bakery.

The shvitzers that want their picture in the shopper & the voice will continue.

Anonymous said...

yudel ive asked u a few times already. whats the problem with the matza? Ive been eating it already a few weeks with the liver. should i stop? it tastes so good. i wish my pesachdike matzas that i use (from Eretz yisroel) would taste like these. i think the lakewood bakery should think about making pesachdike matzas. i also think thatthey should be making the chametzdike ones all year long not just this time of year.

realy whats the problem?

Anonymous said...

I posted some years ago a long list of what is wrong with todays hand matzot. (almost everything).
Perhaps you would care to post it again.
From that list.
1 Hands have to be really cold before one starts. More important than being clean.
2 One should not be making any folds on the matzot, even if they are straightened out afterwards.
3 One should not have more matzot being made at one time than there is room in the oven.
4 One should be making the whole matzo not giving it over to others to finish.
5 One must give out all the dough and not have less workers than the amount of dough requiring them to work from it twice.

These are all simple dinim and not chumras at all and still not kept.

Anonymous said...

Went into a restaurant under Rav Shteinmetz. Asked the owner what kind of standard the hashgocho uses to check romaine lettuce. He looked at me like why is this mechutzef daring to ask what the heiliga Rav Shteinmetz is doing. After squeezing answers out of him, he claimed the mashgiach is checking every leaf both sides.

So what about leaf miners in the flesh of the stalk freg ich?

"Never heard of such a thing"

"What, other hashgochos are looking for that?"

Anonymous said...

Thu Feb 13, 05:57:00 PM 2014

So Machine Matzos are better?
They are l'shmah? The Machines are REALLY clean?


Covering up for shvache kashrus said...

"It is the nature of the human species to reject what is true but unpleasant and to embrace what is obviously false but comforting"

H.L. Mencken

Anonymous said...

That was not Mencken's chiddush in the 1900s. The Baalei Musser said it in the 1800s that this musag is meduyak in Rashi, that avaddeh the Shvotim would have recognized Yosef afilu mit a bard, nor vos, they were not comfortable that a bad thing happened so their human nature used the beard to blind them into not recognizing him.