Tuesday, February 04, 2014

לא ציית דינא, וסירוב בית דיןAryeh family from Lakewood & NY are still backing Moshe ARYEH in being a "loi-tz'ayis"

לא ציית דינא, וסירוב בית דין
מהבית דין נתיבות חיים של הרה"ג נוסבום בארץ ישראל
על משה ומרת ליבא, למשפחת "אריה"
שגרים בשכונת מעלות דפנה
ליתר פרטים, להתקשר לאלי' אריה, ול שיעה פרנקל, וליונה ווייס כולם מלייקווד- ולחייא אריה ולביני אריה

It's alledged that the psak Bais din was distributed previously in the entire neighborhood, and every responsible Rav in the area will be requesting that Moshe Aryeh & family leave the shul.
Lutzker Fordsham is the father in law-Anyone that can convince him to uphold the Psak Bais Din would be blessed with all blessings.

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Fordsham is a לא ציית דינא

BSD (UK) Ltd
He should remove his lien mortgage from the property & thereby uphold the psak Bais Din


Moishe Aryeh Friedman in Vien said...

Neturei Karta will mistumme side with Aryeh. We already side with that other Iranian guy named Ahmadinijad.

Anonymous said...

I heard all about this Eliyahu Aryeh from 9th st in Lakewood.

His reputation is that he's נהרג על פחות משוה פרוטה

I heard from lawyers & other respetable people in Lakewood that say don't ever do business with any of the Aryeh's.

Anonymous said...

Moshe Bursztyn Said Arye Should Go To Vaad Hadayonim and his uncle Gavriel Finkel will give him a Heter Arkous.

Anonymous said...

Can we get more info please!

Anonymous said...

Moshe Burzstyn Does Not Know what He is Talking about, Arye is not related to Gavriel Finkel.If Arye wants a Heter Arkous From Finkel He will Have to Fork over some serious $$$$

Anonymous said...

Rabbi (Dayan) Yehonossan Hool, of Beis Din Hana"l says he is not aware of this unsigned Siruv.
(He is a friend of Fordsham from his Gayshead days.)
His proteg'e Halpern from his Haasmonean days has obtained Court Order against Mr. Tickle for liebel. Dear Mr. Yudel, please be aware, Johnny HOOL will obtain a Court Order against your blog, and request the identity of all the bloggers.
He advises his 'clients' to seek recourse in Arkous before issuing a Hazmono.
Why is an Israeli Bais Din involved in a Lakewood Real Estate, matter though there are pelnty of botei din locally?
because any Beis Din will not permit Arkous.

Anonymous said...

It is very easy to get an American court to quash a request to unmask the identities of American bloggers.

There are privacy rights foundations in Washington that will even pay for lawyers to do this.

In heimishe circles this happened twice already.

Mordechai Tendler was unsuccessful in trying to learn the identities of bloggers who criticized him.

Then when the Agudah & Chaim Berlin used the modenna baal teshuva Michael Hersh as a frontman with a bogus reason to unmask 1000s of anonymous bloggers on UOJ, Daas Torah and many other blogs, that was also blocked by the courts with help from the foundations.

Anonymous said...

Is the FILs first name Fordsham and last name Ludzker or the other way around? What kind of names are they? Why don't you get the basic facts; names etc. straight before you post?