Monday, February 03, 2014

In response to the many inquiries re: infestation checking in the Five Towns

As far as we were able to ascertain at this time, there is the Glatt Gourmet supermarket that has a qualified trained mashgiach in charge of checking and cleaning fruits & vegetables from infestation. Therefore the items marked in Glatt Gourmet (5 Towns) are acceptable.

Other Eateries, restaurants, foodservice, supermarkets are not acceptable at this time. Some of them claim to have a Mashgiach that comes in to check. Those individuals are not trained properly and are therefore not qualified for the task.


Anonymous said...

Brach's Lawrence was telling everyone that butchered & take out fleish is all Alle because it is one of the most accepted shechitos. In other words they will not use something controversial like Rubashkin which is not widely considered shoveh lechol nefesh.

Guess what? I saw Aaron's Best being sliced at their deli recently.

And don't fall for the Brach's shpiel of everything by unz is billigeh prices because all the kollel yungerleit shop here. Many items are more expensive than Gourmet Glatt, although both places are a rip off that are more expensive than Pomegranate Flatbush.

Excuse me? said...

How can you be matzdik Gourmet Glatt when they are "checking" broccoli? Soemtimes it has even been FRESH broccoli, not Bodek or any other frozen.

And what about their infested fish?

And what about their strawberries with the seeds still attached?

And what about their raspberries?

And what about their blueberries?

Rabbanut said...

Monsey said...

Horav Yudel,

What is your current opinion of R' Yechiel Shteinmetz? I know you have been critical of him in the past.

It seems that every foodservice account in Monsey is going under him. When that has happened in Brooklyn (think Chuster / Dovid Katz / Gurnisht), it is usually a red flag that the hashgocho is too cheap and too easy, which means if there is any standard at all they are cutting a lot of corners.

Anonymous said...

Green is qualified to check, etc, Training is another area which is not his forte. Rabbi Goldstein of the Kashrus insect lab is the acceptable trainer for infestation in the USA

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is that,In the 5 towns if someone walks, talks and breaths he is qualified even for infestation, etc.

It's so mind boggling that you can't find a kosher certifier that has a hands on knowledge of checking for infestation, yet they set guidelines for checking.

Anonymous said...

They know very little (if that much) about the practical aspect of checking for infestation, yet they give lectures, produce guides, training videos, etc. All without knowing the parsha of bedikas.

They have a great way to weasel out when questioned to demonstrate, I don't have the gedult (patience) instead of admitting they don't have the practical knowledge.

Anonymous said...

They know very little (if that much) about the practical aspect of checking for infestation, yet they give lectures, produce guides, training videos, etc. All without knowing the parsha of bedikas.

They have a great way to weasel out when questioned to demonstrate, I don't have the gedult (patience) instead of admitting they don't have the practical knowledge.

Anonymous said...

all u that don't have what to do go to sleep cause gourmet glatt check food ar number one even harav vai from eretz yitsroel said the bug man over there iz number one and yudel knows him very well

Anonymous said...

yudel whats with ever green trained bug man he iz also from positev

Anonymous said...

A 5 Towns mashgiach who is a ben Torah told me they are not checking romaine for leaf miners in the stalk whatsoever in his restaurant and the most they do is check the water after rinsing the leaves. This is the "standard" that the modern orthodox fressers want so the shul rabbis including the "yeshivish" Vaad members are happy to oblige (to protect their lawyer level pulpit $$$ salaries) by forcing R' Yosef Eisen to stand off to the side as they make a churban of kashrus.

Some of the places supposedly under the 2nd hashgocho of R' Yankel Reisman are just telling him what he wants to hear but doing less than what he demands too.

Gourmet Glatt is a farce with their Zomick's bakery that Nassau County Health Dept found had the highest bug infestation of any establishment in the area. It wasn't just ingredient bins swarming with bugs - the bugs were all over the preparation tables too.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Monsey, I was at one of Zushe Blech's restaurants recently. I wouldn't touch the leafy things because I am afraid of what he might do. But even the mushrooms were an inyan. They claim to check portobello without cutting out the fan. But they admit they do not check the shitake at all and shitake are known to have bugs.

Anonymous said...

Mon Feb 03, 09:54:00 PM 2014

So the FR Kollel 'veiber' should travel 1-2 hrs to Pomegranate Flatbush in order to save 'ah few prutos' and expose themselves to the flatbush spending habits which include maxing out your credit cards.

Is this the Nebach from Metropolitan Avenue again?

Anonymous said...

Yudel is trying to take over the 5 towns. Just read how he writes:
GG we know! "As far as we were able to ascertain" Yeh Right(how does he know is another story)

All others: .."are not acceptable at this time. Some of them claim ..."

What happened they didn't let you into the place? Ordid they figure out which undercoverr 'goy' you tried to get on there?
Yudels whole blog is about CLAIMING this or that.

Or was it about Money that they did not want to 'slip' you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous @ Mon Feb 03, 09:54:00,

Brach's Lawrence does not tell everybody they only use Allie. They told me that only in the fresh meat department. But the Deli and take out can be Agri or the like. I asked them a number of times, and they were always consistent.

And it's not true. I shop by both places often. Brachs is MUCH cheaper. Not even close. And the reason the Kollel guys shop there is because he gives 10% off for all B'nei Torah, even off of sale items. That is a HUGE chessed. Gourmet Glatt and Seasons refuse to match that offer.

And besides, parking by Brachs is the best in town...

Anonymous said...

Yanky Brach himself told me 5 years ago that both fresh butchered meat and deli department have the same policy. Maybe they changed since then.

There are several items that are much more expensive at Brach's over Gourmet Glatt even with kollel discount. It gets worse for Pesach products if you price compare.

Recently, some good deals at Brach's have gone up in price tremendously to match prices at Gourmet Glatt. Large rye bread is now also about $4. Chicken soup went up while making the container smaller. Sliced gefilte fish is now about $1.50 for each thin measly slice. About $7 for the half pound container of tuna salad.

It is a valid point to bring Pomegranate into the argument when they are considered expensive by Flatbush standards if Brach's is more expensive than them.

Anonymous said...

The 'TIE'ER'AH' Kollel 'viebah' DON"T buy finished soup, gefilte fish, tuna salad or other such luxuries.
Just from your letter its obvious that you HATE a guy who is 'Machshiv' Yeshivah-Leit.

Nothing else need be said.

Anonymous said...

There are also many unprepared non-luxury shelf products that are more expensive at Brach's and bifrat for Pesach.

All of your personal attacks over the luxury items to protect Brach's does not change the facts. I mentioned the luxury items speci0fically because they suddenly had the biggest price increases.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @Thu Feb 06, 02:53:00 PM 2014,

It seems you are the one with a personal agenda.

I have no negios to stick up for Brachs. I truthfully believe the quality of the fresh meat at Gourmet Glatt is much better. An it's all American there.

But Brach prices are by far the lowest in town. I compare all the time. I go to both places every week. I do not buy deli luxuries, so I cannot compare for you. But Brachs bakery is much better, and cheaper. And their groceries are much cheaper, even before my 10% off. I just bought Amnons pizza for 6.49- 10%. Helmans Mayo for 2.99- 10%.

He cannot be making any money when offering 10% even on sales items. I asked Gourmet Glatt to match, but they will not. I asked Seasons, and they will not. And Shloimies bakery out of Seasons is much more expensive than Brachs.

Brachs is doing the B'nei Torah a HUGE chessed.

I only go to Gourmet Glatt for their checked (very expensive) produce, and for their Schwart's dips.

Anonymous said...

u see gourmet glatt check VEG ar top stuff

Anonymous said...

Helmans Mayo for 2.99- 10%

Hellman's is now using CAGE FREE EGGS. Look for the brown egg logo on their packaging. Cage free are notoriously prone to blood spots.

This is thanks to the modern orthodox Left winger at the OU in charge of all bird related issues, Rabbi Loike, who has been propagandizing that blood spots in eggs are not assur in his opinion.

Anonymous said...

On multiple occassions you mentioned that the KAshrus LAb at Postiv was the best source for trained mashgiachim.
Then why were you so against Kleen Farms when their mashgiach was approved by you and many other hashgochas?

Anonymous said...

Fri Feb 14, 01:21:00 PM 2014

They didn't send a few cases to 1140.....

Anonymous said...

reb yodel why are you not writing that this past Shabbos all the rabbonim said that dovid Weinberger is not to step into any shuls??

Anonymous said...

agin with the menuval Weinberger wake up five town clowns