Friday, February 21, 2014

Tropicana juice: Is the "OK" being truthful?

The "OK" says, sure Tropicana Juice may have insects but not the ones with the "OK"!

 The Lab Checked the ones with the "OK"and found that indeed they have insects.
It's not OK to have insects in OK Certified juice!
The OK also was not truthful either re: The Shufra Cocoa for Pesach from China.


Anonymous said...

Where is the copy of the letter from the OK? Is this another sheker?

Anonymous said...

nothing iz KOSHER that's it BUGGGGGGGGGGGG$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

we should invent filters for the orange juice bottles.

how about tripled filtered ??

Anonymous said...

Rav Blumenkrantz was onto something after all when he warned not to put orange peels in cake batters.

Anonymous said...

Gabila's knishes is up & running again after a major fire put them out of commission.

I noticed that their spinach knish under Chof K, according to Chof K posek Gissinger's standard for "checking" bugs, now also has a 'Sachdis sticker when sold in heimishe supermarkets.

Is 'Sachdis actually doing some checking or just rubberstamping Chof K-Gissinger?

Anonymous said...

I think if you eat Chaburah (or Machine) Matzos TOGETHER with Tropricana there is no greater Hiddur or Chumrah that one can achieve.