Thursday, February 27, 2014

Which supermarkets have qualified indviduals for checking & removing infestation?

Evergreen- Monsey, NY

Gourmet Glatt- Five Towns, NY

Gourmet Glatt- Brooklyn, NY

Lawrence, NY (only)

Update: Another Supermarket is working diligently in having their Mashgichim trained properly.


Anonymous said...

You forgot Season's in Scarsdale!!
Check it out (If they let you).

Anonymous said...

gourmet glatt five towns iz the best thanks to rabbi green

Monsey said...

Explain this about Evergreen:

Strawberries with seeds in the compote

Imitation crab from pollock fish

(Raisins I think they have which I will double check)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm surprised that Season's is good! Who is in charge there?

And Brachs is no good? The Vaad can only get 2 out of 3 O.K.?

Anonymous said...

Really? Cauliflower is clean at Gourmet Glatt? Perhaps you should leave Lakewood and check it yourself!! same goes for the Spring mix and baby spinach.
What about the strawberries ?

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...

At least you got right that the Seasons on Main St in Kew Gardens Hills is no good. The day the bug problems get fixed under VHQ, Moshiach vet kummen.

Monsey said...

Evergreen is repacking under their Shinover hashgocho the raisins from Setton under Veissmandl hashgocho!

This is on the other unrefridgerated side of the same aisle that the refridgerated "ambrosia" compote has whole strawberries with seeds.

Since when is this "qualified"?

Anonymous said...

Gourmet Glatt Cedarhurst - you must be confusing the Schwartz concession inside the store that even though they have 5TV & Hisachdus on them, they are implementing the standard of Badatz Tartikov altz uniformity with other locations. This does not apply to the store itself or other concessions inside the store.

It doesn't matter how good Rabbi Eisen & the store mashgiach are because the 5 Towns shul rabbis practically hold a gun to head of the mashgiach to make sure that the modern orthodox and other selfish fressers can eat all the insect infested taanugim that they want.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi E. all allong would have instituted many more leniencies, but the Rabbi Reismans prevented him. Stop the game, Rabbi E.'s hands are tied.
Ever heard of 2 sides of the mouth?

Anonymous said...

A big talmid chochom in the 5 Towns grada complained to the local supermarkets that it is assur mid'Oraysah to sell food by the pound without giving a little mashehu extra.

Not only did they ignore him but Chap a Nosh in Gourmet Glatt keeps putting double plastic covers on top of the foil pans which is mamash gnayveh for the extra weight, especially for things that are $25 - $30 a pound. And they haven't fixed that after people complained either.

Anonymous said...

Sheker vechuzev re Rabbi Reisman.

We all know what his catering "standards" were with defunct ARK.

And his private hashgocho on select 5 Towns stores is meaningless because the business owners in some cases are the ones talking out both sides of their mouths. They tell Rabbi Reisman & the public they have higher standards but they are lying while laughing to themselves and do the same as stam Vaad.

Since Rabbi Reisman is not really checking up, it is so easy to get away with it.

'tis the Season said...

Raskin fish has an outpost in Seasons Lawrence

They are a Lubav company from Crown Heights with infested herring and they might have capitulated to not filter the water there because of threats from Osdaba to not allow items with filtered water into CHK establishments.

Anonymous said...

sheker U that say that rav eisin puts a GUN on the mashgiach I no the bug expert in gourmet glatt and rav eisein ask him all his sheilas about bugs and go on with ur bluff whats about the new case in lawrance about WEINBERGER

Anonymous said...

simply sushi has a stand inside evergreen. they have been giving a shpiel to customers that the imitation crab is not infested because it is really pollock mixed with other fish and the pollock portion is checked

could this possibly be true?

Anonymous said...

Shainer yid- please stop your kitrug on klal yisrael.

Anonymous said...

rabbi wacgshal iz very on top on the sushi dept I see myself