Thursday, March 06, 2014

cleaning cabbage from insects


Cole slaw fresser said...

We finnicky baalei tayvah in the 5 Towns do not like the way cabbage tastes after having been frozen so we demand that our very well compensated shul rabbis warn Rabbi Eisen he had better not even think of implementing this if he knows what's good for him!

Although the shul rabbis on the Vaad already made Rabbi Eisen sign that he is not allowed to be more machmir than OU (or else!), it is a good idea to make him sign another addendum specifically addressing this big idea that could really put a crimp in our fressing and redifas hatayvos.

Anonymous said...

The adam gadol R' Elya Rominek shlita has repeatedly complained to Rav Elyashev ztl and lehavdil bain chaim lechaim the other gedolei Eretz Yisroel about these 5 Towns Vaad rabbis forcing Rav Eisen to not have any kind of meaningful kashrus protocols. R' Elya is a talmid of the Pruzhiner iluy (R' Chaim Brisker's talmid muvhok), and also learned for a shtik tzeit by R' Aron Kotler.

Never mind the modern orthodox rabbis, some of whom even support women "rabbis", as even some of these "yeshivishe" Vaad rabbis put on a real good SHPIEL to their mispalelim about how they are supposedly in constant contact with the gedolei hador who guide their every move. The biggest faker among these rabbonim is the one who on the one hand acts like he is local Daas Torah and on the other hand is used to attack non-Vaad rabbonim who get in the way of money-making agendas of a local newspaper, published by a Lubavitcher who became modern orthodox.

Anonymous said...

B'H the 5 Towners are only baalei tayvah for some vegetables that are mostly clean.
But the fresers tayvah is for 'loshon horo, rechilus and motzee shem rah' (also through the mouth) which is a reflection of 'rotten to the core' personality.

Proud to say lashon horah letoyeles said...

"vegetables that are mostly clean"

So if a head of cabbage has "only" 5 bugs, the 25 lavin attached to that are no big deal, "ay"?

Anonymous said...

Rav Rominek's ikker complaint to the other gedolim is about Belsky destroying kashrus (& gittin) in America which leads to most of the other rabbis, including in the 5 Towns, following Belsky's lead.

Anonymous said...

Proud to say lashon horah letoyeles

Lets hear the exact toyeles.

Who are you helping vs. who are you baaredding?

Say it straight.

Anonymous said...

How does one clean the rice and onions for this stuffed cabbage? If its frozen it can't be used for cole slaw.

Anonymous said...

The 5 Towns fressers make sure the very well compensated pulpit rabbis don't allow Rav Eisen to avoid insects in any way, even minutely, that might affect delicate foods to be degraded altz taste. They do this by making absolutely sure that Rav Eisen cannot move the slightest degree lechumra from the OU's policies that get weaker & laxer as the years go on.

Some store owners are also putting fresser demands over kashrus by demanding the same thing, besides that weaker requirements cost them a lot less money.

This fresser alliance is fooling the rest of the consumers who are not as selfish by throwing out misleading claims such as "we check with a light box". In some locations this "checking with a light box" means checking water after rinsing instead of checking the actual leaves that still have insects in them. There is also no checking whatsoever for leaf miners in the flesh of romaine stalks.

Now go ask the gedolim if they allow eating unchecked vegetables and compare this to the big "yeshivishe" faker rov on the 5 Towns Vaad who pretends he is the local vehicle to transfer their messages of daas Torah. Not the modern orthodox rabbis who bring women "rabbis", galochim to give droshos and Conservative "rabbis" & chazonim to be mechabed, nor the groyser "yeshivishe" Vaad rabbi who is part of this Vaad scam to handcuff Rav Eisen from doing a proper job.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the infestation in chestnuts? And it's practically impossible to find the bugs after they have been cooked or roasted.

Monsey said...

Garlic is also infested. Are you sure the mashgiach at Evergreen is properly checking the roasted garlic cloves they sell in the take out section for Shabbos?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for posting this - it was really helpful to me. My cabbage came out amazing - and I think even the five towns experts would enjoy it. I dried the leaves after their bout with the freezing and scrubbing so that they would crisp up .