Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hisachdus CRC & Shufrah do it again

Shufrah Chocolate decided to move some of their manufacturing of chocolate from a California
company (leaving an unpaid large balance). The moved to Baricini Chocolate Co. (invested about 3/4 million dollars).  Baricini is an OU certified establishment, that does Parve, Dairy, chocolate coverd Matzah, etc. The OU had a Mashgiach visit very often. The OU had a full time mashgiach for the 2-3 months that they produced for Pesach.

Along comes CRC's Hisachdus and says we are certifying Shufrah, therefore "vee need a heimish mashgiach, nisht a Orginizatzia mashgiach". So Hisachdus put into place at a dairy, parve, chocolate coverd matza facility a "heimish" mashgiach. He is in his "HEIM ish" he is not there even for pesach productions.


Sloppy reporting said...

Reb Yudel,
Why was it necessary to add "leaving an unpaid large balance" to this story?
Your point is to inform people that from a kashrut angle one should think twice. But why this unnecessary information which has no purpose other then to damage this company and its owners beyond the kashrut issue?

Anonymous said...

A point well taken, it's a given if a company is not erlich in paying their debt and leave, you should question their kashrus.

Anonymous said...

to #1

because dishonesty & corruption etc... is unacceptable anywhere especially on this website.

Save yourself before its too late & be an honest person in all situations

Anonymous said...

Yudel! I love the humor (HEIM)!

Maybe get a real job and write for television?

Anonymous said...

Wed Apr 02, 03:49:00 PM 2014

How do you know that there was no 'sichsuch' about quality or another issue?
If all was well they would stay there not go elsewhere?
(maybe not - but you can
talk unless you know FOR SURE)