Thursday, July 17, 2014

UPDATE: Infestation Update:

All "cod-liver" are infested w/ anisakis
SunDried Tomatoes- Infested, especially the ones w/ Hashgocha.
Blueberries- fresh, frozen: infested with scale insects & maggots-DO NOT USE even with Hashgocha. "BMG's KCL allows bakeries & others to use infested blueberries & raisins.
Strawberies- Fresh- very infested- Cut off green top with a very thin sliver of fruit, peel strawberry so all seeds are removed, rinse, no further checking necessary-
Frozen strawberries-with hashgocha- puree very fine or cook.
Raspberries, Blackberries- too infested, do not use.
Scallions- Check for leaf miners, slice open lengthwise including ALL tubers, wash with soap & winter, rinse.
Celery- lately has been found to have many leaf miners, which can be identified by their wavy translucent trails.
Chives- infested. Use only the specially grown ones, and wash well. Unless you have BMG's KCL, they allow the use of infested chives.
Grapes- Break into small clusters, soak in soapy solution & rinse (soak & rinse 3 times), the wash & rub each grape to remove the scale insects.
Corn on the cob- Infested with thrips, remove kernels, rinse.
Raisins- Are infested, to check them, soak for 24 hours, strain water into a fine mesh cloth, check cloth on a light box. Be familiar with the insects appearance. This includes Raisin bran cereals.
Dried figs- very infested with camouflaged insects, requires checking by an expert or by properly trained individual. Fresh figs- very hard to check.
Bodek Garni bags- are unacceptable, as the holes are way too large and fully grown insects go right through.
Corn on the cob-Infested, fresh or frozen- must de-rkenelize, rinse, eat. canned frozen, fresh kernels are generally clean.


Anonymous said...

Regarding scallions you forgot to mention that you need to check for leaf miners.

Trrrust me azoy vee in kashrus said...

"yeshivishe" psak said...

Big poskim hold it is assur to sell any kind treif so who is cRc Chicago being somech on?

But there’s one little-known quirk at Wrigley that appears to be fading away as the ballpark, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last month, enters its second century: the numerous Orthodox Jewish vendors who sell food and drinks in the stands.

Years back, when the hot dog buns apparently carried dairy ingredients, Orthodox vendors often debated whether selling franks violated the Jewish law prohibiting profiting from the sale of food that mixes meat and dairy, even if the meat isn’t kosher.

Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, kashrut administrator at the Chicago Rabbinical Council, says he fielded this question from a vendor’s mother not long ago. The prohibition, he says, applies only to foods in which the dairy and meat have been cooked together, so ballpark franks are OK (as long as you’re not selling them to a Jew).

Anonymous said...

How is it that sundried tomatoes under hashgocho are even more infested than with no hashgocho?

Al kol ponim it's a scandal that Rav Binyomin Gruber is allowing the ones from Star K.

Kashrus alert said...'s+Cones+forged+kashrus+logo.jpg

thinking of opening a store said...

Its strange that Reb Yudel is the expert on
Kashrus and has NO real Hashgachas.
The whole frum world should be 'chaleshing' to take you as their hashgacha for their stores and what not not!?!?!?!?!?

Whats the root of this issue???

berrymen said...

Saskatoon is a commercial variety of the wild juneberry.

Whats the bug situation on these berries?

ORA min haTorah assur said...

Following is part of an email I received last week from ORA:

"Dear [ORA Caseworker],

It's just over 6 weeks since I got my get, and I still wake up every morning feeling like a new person. Everything is different now - it really feels like a brand new world. And every single day, when I feel happy and relieved and finally, finally free, I think of you and everyone at ORA. The amount of time, effort, and thought that you put into my case was nothing short of amazing. I knew that you were with me every step of the way, and I am so, so grateful.

I know that you're unfortunately busy with other women who need your help; I just wanted you to know that you changed my life, and I am tremendously grateful."

~ Gital Dodelson, former agunah

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Vaad of Kiryas Yoel?

Simply Sushi has just opened a new concession inside Butter Blend restaurant on Bakerstown Rd in KJ where they are serving California roll made from pollock fish, a min that attracts anisakis.

ORA supporter said...

Yes Gittel, you can go on to finish your Law degree, get a job in a prestigious Law firm and you are free to do what they all do there. Continue personifying and perpetuating chillul HaShem as you have done so elegantly until now.

Anonymous said...

A few doors away from Butter Blend is Health Mart supermarket. They are importing take out from Monsey under Weissmandl's hashgocho that they repackage, remove Weissmandl's symbol which they replace with the symbol of the Kiryas Yoel Vaad. I asked someone who works at the Monsey store if KJ Vaad is actually supervising the food in any way. He said to the best of his knowledge not. If true this is a scandal because the Satmar oylam, just like much of the Lakewood oylam, does not eat from Weissmandl's hashgocho.

No Kidding! said...

Secular journalist says he doesn't understand how hashgochos are able to maintain kashrus standards in China

Anonymous said...

ORA got caught red-handed just now as the bunch of frauds that they are. They were of course behind the girl in the Stein-Weiss machlokes but then they found out that the girl's beis din is fake and the dayanim might not even exist. They never bothered to find out before hand on their own because the only tachlis for them is back women whether the women are right or wrong. But now they had a problem of the public seeing they are helping perpetrate a scam. So they erased everything from their website regarding the case & even asked Rabbi Dr. Doniel Eidensohn to erase any mention on his website that they backed the girl. Now life goes on with ORA pretending they were never involved in that case.

Also, that despicable Shira Dicker, the frey PR lady from Madison Ave is working with this girl. Because the girl is impoverished the question is where does she get the big bucks to pay Dicker? Then someone remembered that Gital Dodelson's mother had previously commented something along the lines that they will be financially supporting other "agunos".

Hop in the sack said...

"a prestigious Law firm and you are free to do what they all do there."

What does that mean? what do they do there?

Brecher said...

Is Gital looking for a modern orthodox shidduch now? I don't know who else glorifies ORA.

Anonymous said...

Modern is good enough. Orthodox need not apply.

Anonymous said...

What is Brecher's going rate for shadchonus these days? When he used to nose around yeshiva in my days it was $15k a side.