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Aguda's "Chaim Aruchim" Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, Death with dignity, End of life, Hospice, Palliative care =They are all one and the same

Aguda's "Chaim Aruchim" (Passive murder is acceptable??)
Hospice & Palliative care "end of life" medical decisions- 

When the medical professionals state that the individual  has six months to live, protocol is to arrange Hospice or Palliative care.

The Hospice / Palliative providers will have their professionals take over complete care of the patient. including medication, hydrating, food, nourishment, nursing if needed, etc.

It's alleged that The Insurance Companies may advance three months payment in advance. If the individual doesn't make it for the three months, the funds are not returned to the insurance company but is kept by the providers. (Financial incentive)

When the three months are approaching and the patient is doing well (a rarity), the provider will ask for the next three month advance payment. 

From when a hospice / palliative provider is called that there is a patient in need of their services, they respond almost as quick as an ambulance.

In general, any hospice / palliative patient will last as follows; male- 1-2 weeks, female- 2-3 weeks. There is a built in system so the insurance providers of the funding don't have to worry about any long-term care. 

The financial incentives are there to euthanize the patient in a relatively short period of time without the family realizing anything being amiss. With the relatively new regulations in place, it's happening on a constant basis.

To prevent the camouflaged euthanizing, Agudath Israel's Chayim Aruchim Society to the rescue all "Al -Pi- Halacha". Agudath Israel's Chayim Aruchim Society joined up with the MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care (which is Jewish operated), to (so called) prevent the camouflaged euthanizing of the patient. They have a Rabbinical Board, liaisons, etc to make sure it's all "al-pi-halacha" including shortening a persons life. End of Theories. 

Now the "FACTS", The MJHS Hospice (or any other one) staff moves relatively quick, (the financial incentives are in place) they increase the medications, resulting in the patient becoming disoriented, stops eating, drinking, etc (oh, yes they keep a pitcher of water by the patient-it looks good to the family). The patient slowly or rather rapidly becomes dehydrated. If the family starts questioning or realizing something is not right, they may even start a line (IV). The IV is set for 10 cc @ hour when it should be 75 cc @ hour.  At 10 cc @ our, the patient will die nice and slow, but it looks good to the family that their loved one is being hydrated and cared for

If the family is not on top of the situation and act in a Firm, Diligent, Non-passive, Observing & questioning and on guard 24/7, etc, in 2-3 weeks will be the Levya. 

The result?,  MJHS doesn't think they should suffer or prolong their pain & agony (al-pi-halacha of course).  

Agudath Israel's Chaim Aruchim says they are making changes, but "If the family is not on top of the situation and doesn't act in a Firm, Diligent, Non-passive, Observing & questioning and on guard 24/7, etc, in 2-3 weeks will be the Levya.  in the meantime they are all accomplices in a well orchestrated "retzicha" per se. Talk is cheap-where is the concrete action?

Agudath Israel's Chayim Aruchim is working on having trained individuals to monitor every patient that the are "not-over medicated, properly hydrated, fed, etc". BUT "If the family is not on top of the situation and doesn't act in a Firm, Diligent, Non-passive, Observing & questioning and on guard 24/7, etc, in 2-3 weeks will be the Levya.

We are convinced that the Rabonim of Moetzes are aware all of the issues of Hospice and Pallative care is plain "Retzicha".Agudath Israel's Chayim Aruchim's wants to change that "Retzicha" to a prolonged useful life. Otherwise, How low one can stoop and even try to justify a "retzicha" all for the dollar. 

The dollars will of course be used to further the causes and good  of Klal-Yisroel.

At the AGUDA Agudath Israel's Convention in the beginning of November talk to the Agudah representatives re: their Chayim Aruchim's program and their Hospice care will be in the "spirit" of life as well. Get the facts, get educated.


Anonymous said...

My father-in-law was in a Jewish home in UK and was given 2 hours to live, that was by Purim time.
We took him home and gave him the help he needed.
He enjoyed sedorim on Pesach, heard shofay on Rosh hashona, and benched Lulav every day on sukos.
His sheloshim is soon.
He lived 7 quality months more, because we took him home. It was hard work and expensive, but it was definately worth while.

Barack Hussein Osama said...

Welcome to Obamacare.

The two mushchossim who are the brains behind this are the Emanuel brothers who left Eretz Yisroel to go off the derech. Their own father stopped talking to them when they started helping Obama throw Israel under the bus. One brother is a medical doctor who came up with the fluffy cover up stories of how they are supposedly not really killing old people to save the government money.

The brother who was Obama's Chief of Staff and now Mayor of Chicago is married to an ainah Yehudis but still found an OU shul to attend services that is willing to ignore that fact. The "rabbi" there named Asher Lopatin was just named a head of Avi Weiss's YCT. The low, low non-mechitza in his Chicago OU-affiliated shul does not follow any shitah in halacha but he misrepresents a YU rosh yeshiva as having that shitah which the YU rosh yeshiva's children will confirm their father never posekened like that.

Chicagoland said...

"the YU rosh yeshiva's children will confirm their father never posekened like that"

The ones who are frum will confirm it. The son who is Lopatin's doting rebbe will probably not admit it, just like he doesn't admit that he drove his father's kashrus standards into the ground at the hashgocho that he inherited from him.

My Kind of Town said...


The son you refer to is a renowned poseik who gets called with shailos from around the world every day and is not considered a maikel. It is true he has enemies. Particularly from child molesters and their supporters. I wonder where you fit in.

Anonymous said...

This Hospice by Kimball Medical that's owned by BMG & a frum doctor, do they have the same Hospice issues?

Anonymous said...

BMG says they have to talk to their accountants and see how the money is coming in.

Chicagoland said...

"The son you refer to is a renowned poseik"

Look what Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik does at Lopatin's place when he's not busy driving the father's hashgocho standards into the ground. And you can bet whatever was said about Charedim was not a glowing endorsement!

Also check out all the modern orthodox OU rabbis who signed against Lopatin in today's Haaretz newspaper that he / YCT are not orthodox.

Ok, great, so he is against molesters. I didn't say he can't do anything right.

It's a disgrace that he supports non-orthodox Lopatin who lies about the father R' Aron Soloveitchik's shita in mechitzah

Dinner with Rav Moshe Soloveichik

8:45 PM to 10:45 PM

May 3-4, Visiting Scholar
HaRav HaGaon Rav Moshe Soloveichik,
mentor of Rabbi Lopatin

Friday Night Dinner
7:30 PM: Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat
8:45 PM: Dinner at Milt’s BBQ, by reservation only

“Trends in the Chareidi Community”

Space is limited / Cost: $18

AK Nursing Home said...

BMG is in The Nursing Home Business They Earn anywhere between $7,000- $20,000 on every living Breathing 2 Legged Person In Their Ficility through Pell Grants, Food Programs, Donations and Fudraising From around The World, Tuition, and More Govt Grants and Programs

Uncle Sam and The BMG Money Factory said...

Question:Whats The Difference Between BMG and an Old Age Home?

Answer: In an Old Age Home First They Put You on Life Support Than They Put You In The Freezer.
In BMG First They Put You in The Freezer Than They Put You On "Life Support"
(Hud wic food stamps Jersey Care Tomchei Shabbos Ahavas Chesed Lcsw Lcrc Lcpp PPcp KKPP pPKK AKKK mKKK)

Maria said...

1. These questions are very serious and very hard on family members, do not generalize and make accusations so quickly. When someone is in that matzav, they need encouragement to do what is right according to Torah, and it is not easy.
2. Palliative care also helps many people have a longer and better quality of life, there are serious studies proving that. Don't dismiss it just because some people do things that are not according to halacha in the name of palliation.
3. There are questions as to why a nursing home owner becomes head of chayim aruchim. Is it also a source of referrals to his nursing homes?

just sayin said...

Reb Yudel
Can you substantiate your allegations/

not on my dime said...

Look at the Agudah board and see how many of them are in health related businesses nursing home, assisted living and now hospice care. Do you now wonder at the impetus for chayim aruchim? I spoke to a gadol b'torah who said lfi halacha you fight for life till the very last breath yeshuas hashem kheref ayin. Yasor yisreibi K-ah vlamaves lo nisanuni