Sunday, June 08, 2014

UPDATE: Shocking: The 5 Towns Rabbis lost their bearings?

Shocking: Allegedly, The "Five Towns"- Vaad Hakashrus says- 

The VAAD Rabbis don't allow the Vaad Hakashrus to upgrade their bare minimum standards?


Prior to Rockaway kashrus joining 5 Towns kashrus they were at a better kashrus standard, now they went south. Perhaps it's time to separate?

At the Chanukah "Lipa" concert in the 5 Towns
They were giving out free food at 3 different stations that was fleishdik, milchdik & fishdik.

It was not clear that the fleishdik was actually fleishdik. Even some of the frum residents during the year do not realize this and buy the fleishdik takeout food on the assumption it is pareve.
And since the concert was advertised everywhere as a Chanukkah event for kids, it attracted a lot of freya who certainly had no clue. So there were people fressing pizza after fressing fleishdiks.

I think it was a huge michshol and I don't think anyone cares. There have been big problems there that the owners blow off even if (non-Vaad) rabbonim approach them. And Rav Eisen head of  the vaad "claims" usually his hands are tied by the modern orthodox shul rabbis who employ him under constant threat to not make trouble with pesky kashrus inyanim.


Anonymous said...

when the 5 towns and Rockaway joined into one kashrus organization it was supposed to raise the 5 town standrd to rockawy at least.

What happened was, it went south.

Rockaway should seperate and go their way.

Anonymous said...

By the way the light box from the vaad ar far way better then the kosher inovation

Anonymous said...

Yudel I don't no why u woke up now about the milchig fleshig scandel this. Exist on a daily basis when they sell milchig salads with fleishg bugs