Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ALERT: Sfardim shopping for "Bais-Yosef" in Flatbush area

Sfardim shopping in Flatbush should be aware the the Vaad of Flatbush is currently unfamiliar with what is  considered "Bais-Yosef" meat for Sfardim.
What the Star-K does "not" accept as Bais Yosef, the Flatbush Vaad is accepting?



Anonymous said...

Also nogaya for Briskers.

Rabbi Goldberg takes all his directions from Star K so you can bet they would have the same issue with anything they call Bais Yosef.

Anonymous said...

Better joke is Vaad of Goldberg just took over hashgochas in the 5 towns from Star K at Beth El In Cedarhurst. I wonder why the caterer would be stupid enough to do that. Perhaps he wants to go the same way as Morrel Caterers. OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!

Anonymous said...

R Yudel are you saying Alle be is yosef is no good?