Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ONLY at Quality Farmers Market-

Only at Quality farmers Market in Howell-

Note: The Sign in Satmar shul says -
"the Hashgocha is only on the fruit (apple) that it's kosher, not from eretz yisroel".

Giving a Hashgocha on infested produce, is like saying the chicken / animal is treif, but at least it's not a neveilah. 


Boro Park said...


NYPD arrests animal rights nut with Muslim name who stole chickens from the Kloizenberger shechita.

Satmar d'Lakevood said...

Der shgooche vet zein oyf chazir l'usid luvoy.

Af al pi she'yismameya im kol zeh achakeh loy bechol yom she'yuvoy...

Corporation said...

someone recently told me that BMG has close to a Billion Dollars in Assets comprised of Properties owned in Lakewood and around the world, stocks, cash, and investments . is that true?

I was also told that ceo Aaron Kotler recently flew to Rome, Italy to speak to the Vatican about Purchasing Georgian Court College which is facing Bankruptcy, and That Aaron Kotler is Purchasing 50 million dollars woth of Property in Howell, Nj
I was also told BMG owns a Bais Hachayim in Eretz Yisroel and Shrage Kotler does a lot of traveling back and forth dealing with plot sales