Thursday, September 04, 2014

BMG's KCL's kiosk in a non-kosher facility @ 2:00 AM

 BMG's KCL's kiosk in a non-kosher facility @ 2:00 AM
BMG's KCL Hashgocha signs

The non-Jewish employee at 2:00 AM lifting KCL's plexi-glass to steal some "KCL kashrus tape".

 At 2:00 AM the non-Jewish employee putting his hand under the KCL's plexi-glass to cut off a piece of salami with his treif knife.


Wurst said...

Is the salami picture from the same incident a few years ago with the Black fellow reaching over or is this a new incident? Offen ort it seems this is a new incident with a Hispanic or other Black who has lighter tone skin than the first. And I think the first guy his face was visible if I recall.

Anonymous said...

It was kosher when the Jew left at night.

At night it became a teif establishment.

When the Jew came in the morning, it becomes KCL kosher again.
Yudel, what's your issue? when Mashiach (bmg / kcl) comes the chazer will become kosher, you hear me? the chazer becomes kosher.

petty criminal said...

the word got around martin luther king dr that yudel has secret cameras so now the brothas conceal their faces when swiping a shtikel salami

Priorities said...

If you blow up the picture of the kashrus tape being stolen you will noticed a padlock affixed to a cash register.

They made absolutely sure that the gelt is secure, but who cares about kashrus?

Anonymous said...

KCL is not interested, They got a Business to run

Anonymous said...

פרשת אליאור חן, מהי האמת ?
כל מה שלא רוצים שתדעו על פרשת האברך החשוב אליאור חן שליט"א
''והאלוקים יבקש את נרדף'' (קהלת ג, טו)

Anonymous said...

I renenber seeing this post years ago on this site. But Yudel will pass it off as though it is something new. Also not ehrlich.

Chossid of you know who said...

This picture might be too much for Rabbeinu to handle. Rabbeinu gets very excited about misuse of kashrus tape, even if it's a heimishe hashgocho brought in to oversee simchas by people who know enough that they don't trust Queens Vaad kashrus and then the heimishe hashgocho asks to shnor some of the tape.

Far Rockaway said...

Maybe this guy can get a job with KCL