Monday, September 15, 2014

Rosenblatt's Beef

Rosenblatt's beef is under the Hashgocha of the OU and CRC Chicago. It's staffed by highly experienced, erlicheh yeshivishe staff. The standards and staff set up of the Shechita, Bedikas and Nikur are what a ben Torah would be looking for.

At this time we are only addressing the beef, as we
don't have sufficient information re: Veal, Lamb, etc

The Rosenblatt beef is available in Lakewood (back of capitol hotel), Brooklyn, etc.
It's currently only sparsely available in Queens ,Five Towns and Lakewood, etc due to the political standards in place.

Sfardim should be aware that much of the "Bais-Yosef" beef they are using is not Bais-Yosef in fact only by label (AKA- Minhag-America).  The Rosenblatt beef meets the true Bais Yosef Standards.


Rubashkin fresser said...

"much of the "Bais-Yosef" beef they are using is not Bais-Yosef"


Anonymous said...

where can one get Rosenblatt beef in Lakewood?

Qveens said...

If Rosenblatt can somehow make a shutfus with the Palestinian-Arab shlachthoyz in Jamaica, Qveens, that should pass enough muster mit Shoinfeld & Shvartz.

Bakshish said...

Could it be it's hard to find because the company / middlemen are not paying the customary "cut" to certain figures in Lakewood & Queens that have grown to expect it $$$?

Gebakken nuch Peysach? said...

Anonymous said...

If the 'heiligeh' Lakewood yeshiva and the 'nuch heiligeh' 5 towns yeshivisEh and the 'gur gur heiligeh qveens yeshiveh leit' don't use it, how yeshivish could it already be?

Sdom vaAmora Admah Tzvoyim Tzoar (5 Towns) said...

Before standards improved at Rosenblatt, one of the better shechitos out there has been, & still is, Teva (not to be confused with Tevya's)

Where was the only place in the 5 Towns you could find Teva? At the non-Jewish Key Food supermarket.

It's all politics & kickbacks as usual over kashrus with your local neighborhood 5 Towns pulpit rabbis. And do you think they would have done anything about Dovid Weinberger if they weren't threatened by a victim's very wealthy husband?

Anonymous said...

Does that include the two lubavitchers permanently on staff there?

Chronicles of an OU mashgiach said...

"'gur gur heiligeh qveens yeshiveh leit' don't use it, how yeshivish could it already be?"

Sounds like Rosenblatt is also not carried by the 'moderneh' West Side Kosher due to political pressure, or else the snide, childish comments would be in favor of it