Friday, September 05, 2014

BMG' KCL says- No more bitul in kashrus

No more bitul in kashrus, Why? because,
דבר שיש לו מתירין has no Bitul.

BMG's KCL is Mattir practically everything. 
They don't want to be the שבת גוי [aka= chazir-fissel-kusher]so they'll crease their brow and asser things that are really permitted or even mehudar. 
Note: 5 Towns & Queens are superior to BMG's KCL, Shocking? BMG's KCL is a facade, the Town people follow them blindly,
BMG's KCL says remember KCL when you daven yom Kipur Kuton and תפלת   
 זכה, את אשר התרת, אסרתי, ואשר אסרת התרתי

One that relies on them, is a פושע, ולא אונס 

How many rolls of KCL kashrus tape does the non-jewish employees have? Did they print new "different" tape? NO! Why not?


Flatbush Fressers Inc said...

Kehillah Cash R Us does stuff like that. They cover up Glatt Spot Ave J treif but once assered a product that didn't need hashgocho just to make a point against Rabbi Schlesinger in Shveitz, to show the oylam that we are so "frum" that we don't hold of him ki hu zeh.

Anonymous said...

Because one of the readers is like a grogger who everytime KCL comes up starts attacking Gavriel Finkel & by extension making insinuations against R' Malkiel, I have the following comment to make.

You can't really blame R' Malkiel for every imperfection in the Finkel family. It was fort the rosh yeshiva's 2nd shidduch & he still was able to get a single girl.

However, it does not mean that the Finkels themselves get a free pass to do whatever they want & get away with it.

Who is this mishpocho? They've got Moish "Chickan Rican" Finkel. They've got Moish's grandfather who the Tarnopoler Rov & other gedolim in the heim predicted would have an eynickel sell treif as a poyel yotzei of his pirtzei geder in kashrus. And there is one more relative who some roshei yeshiva have heard the dirt on him but it was all quietly covered up.

Avenue Big "P"isk said...

Flatbush Fressers,

That shtuss against R' Schlesinger from Geneva would never have happened if a certain Kehilla member did not hock the rest of Kehilla a tchynik and twist their arms to go along with it. That drey kop needs a "hot topic" every week to froth about from the bima on Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Chronicles of an OU mashgiach said...

"5 Towns & Queens are superior to BMG's KCL, Shocking? BMG's KCL is a facade, the Town people follow them blindly"

Does KCL at least follow Belsky's manufactured OU heterim? Because Queens Vaad, who are also blindly followed into oblivion by most, do not even do OU standard.

None of that is changed by the warped OU mashgiach, who despite his phony frumma meshugassen, oddly denies there are any shortcomings at either OU or VHQ. His "chazir feesel" is to attack Yudel, other critics of his favorite lousy hashgochos, and critics of some non-kashrus figure lowlives who are close to his heart.

Anyone who doesn't conform to the warped hashkofos of the OU mashgiach is "worse than Hitler" and an "apikoros".

The Netziv in Ha’amek Davar, hakdoma to Bereishis, blames the churban Bayis on excessive “righteousness,” that is, “righteous” individuals who said that those who did not exactly conform to their beliefs are "apikorsim".

To Grogger comment number 2 said...

I was not attacking Reb Malkiel about the The KCL Kashrus.I was simply pointing out how one single individual like R' Gavriel Finkel is able to retain so much power and influence over many key areas in Lakewood.

The answer is one reason only, Finkel is Reb Malkiel's uncle, not that Rav Malkiel himself holds much of him or does not consider him controversal ,however as you said it is his uncle through a second marriage and he does not want to rock the boat and start a whole family feud with Sholom Bayis problems

Ave J said...

How many rolls of KCL kashrus tape does the non-jewish employees have?

Sounds like Ashkenazy would feel at home in Lakewood, just like in Flatbush, where the Kehillah Kashrus mashgiach just let him waltz right out with the fake plumbas & other evidence of sofek / vadai treif.

Moderneh Kew Gardenser said...

Oh come on, you don't really expect the OU mashgiach to be goress the Netziv? After all, the moderneh Bar Ilan University is named after the Netziv's moderneh son.

But it's ok when anything with a connection to the mashgiach is moderneh, like the moderneh OU, moderneh Queens Vaad, moderneh Kew Gardens Synagogue that the "controversial" mechutan sometimes davens in, and even the temple in Hillcrest, so moderneh that it's actually Conservative, where cousin Shiya zingt mit moderneh chazzonus.

Gourmet Glatt Boro Park said...

'Sachdis said...

Farvus nisht? Tze nisht erger vee Boidek

letoyeles horabim said...

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Yudel gets results said...

Statistically we know that between 10% to 35% of all slaughtered cows are found to be treif [2],

In older cows, 35% are ‘treif’ – Harav Melamed: The Difference Between Glatt and Kosher Meat

In reality, however, the milk we drink does not come from a single cow. Modern dairies process the milk from large numbers of cows together, so our glass of milk contains a mixture derived from hundreds or thousands of cows. We can no longer claim that the milk in our glass is 100% kosher. In fact, we can be quite certain that it is contains at least 10% treif! The majority rule no longer applies when we have a mixture that certainly contains some treif. Instead, we should apply the rule of batel b’shishim meaning that the treif part of a mixture becomes negligible only if it is no more than 1 part in 60, or 1.6%. So how can our milk still be considered kosher when we know that there is much more than 1.6% treif milk in the mixture?!

It seems that among dairy cows, grown primarily for milking, the percentage of treif is significantly higher than in the general cattle population. 14-05/israel-meir-levinger.jpgAs far back as 1978, Rabbi Dr. Israel Meir Levinger, a zoologist and noted kashrut expert, reported that the rate of treifot in dairy calves in Israel is almost double that of calves raised for beef[3].

“The Kashrut of Commercially Sold Milk” by Rabbi Michoel Zylberman, Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society, 2007. For a summary of the halachic sources (Hebrew) see: “ענין חזקה שלא נתבררה בשעתה, חזקה הבאה מכח רוב, וכשרות ‏החלב בזמנינו” by Rabbi Michoel Zylberman, Tuesday March 20, 2007, YU Torah Online

More recently, a kashrut supervisor in Johannesburg, S. Africa, observed that up to 95% of the dairy cows were found to be treif due to sirchot (lung adhesions). Similarly, on a dairy farm in the US, 80% of the slaughtered cows were found to be treif.[4] These high rates of treifot in dairy cows are attributed to a number of factors such as a heavy grain diet [5], the weaning process for calves[6] and excessive milking (3X a day) [8].

Although these figures are not a representative sample, no one has presented statistics to the contrary. It is difficult to accurately determine the percentage of kosher dairy cows because dairy cows are not usually slaughtered for kosher meat. If, however, we were to find that the majority of dairy cows are indeed treif, we would have a very serious problem on our hands. We would no longer be able to invoke the majority rule and assume that every cow is kosher unless proven otherwise. In fact, it would seem that every cow should be assumed treif unless proven to be kosher. This concern is relevant to both chalav yisrael and chalav stam.

Rav Herschel Schachter, a highly regarded Talmudic scholar and posek, personally abstains from milk and dairy products due to the dubious status of the milk. “Most of the rabbanim assume that the milk is kosher”, states Rabbi Schachter, “I just don’t understand why!”[9]

Anonymous said...

Yudel, is there proper separation at International Glatt who share the same building on the Brooklyn pier as Eastern Meats which is under the hashgocho of that yoyo Rabbi Harry Cohen?

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Harry Cohen does not give any hashgocha to Eastern meats anymore.

So there must be a big seperation.

Anonymous said...

Who took over from Harry Cohen?

Shnorrer said...

No one in Lakewood tried this yet?

Restaurant under Breuer's hashgocho is asking the public to give them $30,000 to pay back rent & keep them open


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But now that institution is in danger. The shop has fallen behind on its rent for some time now, despite the owner's best efforts. If a substantial portion of the rent is not paid soon, the shop will be forced to close. That would be a tremendous loss for our community, so, as a member of that community, we are asking for your help.

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haven't even raised $150 yet

125th Place said...

You missed the big story with the OU mashgiach. When Cyperstein from Chaverim of Queens was working at Bronxwood he also served as the home's mashgiach of kashrus. He told NY State in the paperwork he filed that he was trained by the "big shem davar" OU mashgiach hee hee.

Talk about the blind leading the blind as the menu for Sunday morning breakfast is sausage & cheese in the same meal.