Monday, October 20, 2014

יכולין לטהר השרץ בק"ן טעמים- עם כל זה נשאר באיסורו Orange Juice has scale insects, Tropicana is one of the worst

"KCL" still allows infested Tropicana Orange Juice- 
Many Rabonim recently publicly banned it! 


A Tropicana mashgiach who cares said...

Did any American hashgochos stop allowing it yet?

Anonymous said...

I have a few questions.
what percentage of OJ bottles have the scales?
Are the scales whole or not?
Are there differences between brands and why?
can i filter the juice and see the insects?
The oranges are inspected and washed three times with a special solution, doesn't that take off the scales?
Although the peel is crushed, isn't it filtered that would remove unwanted substance?
does the pasteurization process heat the juice, and through the cooking the limbs of the bugs would not be intact?
R' Vaye in his book says that commercial OJ is okay.

Yudel Shain said...

Golden, flow, lakewood, dvash 90% -+
Whole & parts & Larva
Differences? yes, seasons, variety, etc
filter & observe? sure- we can all see them-they aren't hiding.
the washing is with soft brushesmay take off dirt.scale insects have a glue around them that makes hard to remove without a srubbie type cleaner.scale insects are there in the juice, evidently the brushing, filtering, centrifuge, pasteurization, etc does not get rid of all of them.
Rav Vaye's info in the book is not current with commercial OJ.
see following video: OJ.

Anonymous said...

Why are you constantly linking people to treif "youtube"? it's the opening to sho'oil tachtis! is the cause of cooking up kashrus stirs worth sending people to such a horrible website? isn't it a mitzva haboh be'avaira?

Anonymous said...

R' Yudel,

I don't know if the reader complaining about YouTube is a troll from a hashgocho or really being ehrlich but there is a point to what he is saying.

There are grada websites that allow you to take all or parts of videos and reformat them with their software.

Some blogs are using those formats to embed not for frumkeit reasons but because they want to increase reader traffic and everyone is forced to stay on their blog to view the videos.

Anonymous said...

So now Rav Vaye Shlit'a ALSO is on top of things?
Only YUDEL is on top -Numero UNO!!!!

Strawberries said...

Bugs in candied cherries said...

see page 5