Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two Jewish men are on trial in Germany, accused of passing off non-kosher meat as kosher

Two Jewish men are on trial in Germany, accused of passing off non-kosher meat as kosher to members of the Frankfurt Jewish community over a period of two years, according to local media.
In all, 40,000 kg. of non-kosher meat was sold to unsuspecting customers for a period of years, according to the Juedische Allgemeine.

The two defendants, identified as Leslie W., 48, and Akiva H., 56, by the Bild newspaper, sold the meat out of the Aviv butchers in Frankfurt, which served communities throughout Germany.
In testimony last week, Akiva H. admitted that he began selling the faux kosher meat in 2008 when “threatened with insolvency,” apologizing to “all those whose religious feelings were hurt,” Bild reported.

Leslie W. explained that he went along with the fraud after discovering it in 2010 due to fearing the damage that such a revelation could do to his business. The fraud continued through 2012.

The butcher shop supplied kosher meat to a Jewish school, a nursing home and numerous private residences both within Frankfurt and other locales.

The pair involved in the fraud were know as “nice and gentle” men who were “well known in the Jewish community,” Joshua, a Jew from Frankfurt now living in Israel, told The Jerusalem Post. “I knew both of them from synagogue and many of my Frankfurt friends including myself shopped there.”

Beyond the shock of finding out that they had inadvertently been eating meat that had not undergone ritual slaughter, many members of the community were subsequently also required, according to Jewish law, to kosher their kitchens, a laborious process used to cleanse utensils and appliances as a result of contact with non-kosher food.

“I am shocked that this happened,” Joshua said, summing up what he said were the feelings of his co-religionists in Germany.


Anonymous said...

על אלה אני בוכיה… על אתר הקורא לעצמו חרדי ומשתף פעולה באופן הנבזה ביותר על ראשי הצוררים שקמו לעם היהודי בעידן הטשטוש והבלבול של עקבתא דמשיחא, ידוע לכל על הצהרות הרהב של סר הכלכלה על חילוץ האברכים ממאסר הכוללים ועל הפתרון הסופי בדמות ריקון היכלי התורה אל עברי פי פחת של מסלולי צבא ועבדות, עפ”ל.

והנה לא יאומן כי יסופר, שאנשים משולי המחנה ובתוכם אתרים כאלו המתהדרים בנוצות כשרות בדמות דיווח על שלל אירועי חצרות רבנים ואדמורי”ם, משתפים פעולה עם הגרועים שבאויבי נפשינו, בינו בוערים בעם וכסילים מתי תשכילו, האם בתמימות נפלתם לפח יקוש זה, או שמא חברים אתם לאיש משחית, גורו לכם מיום הדין, אוי לכם מיום התוכחה, בו נפשכם העלובה תעמוד לדין בפני בורא עולם, ותשלם כמעשיה על כל נפש מישראל שבנתינת במה זו הובלתם אותה לשמד רוחני ולשאול תחתית, איך לא יראתם מלהיות מן החוטאים ומחטיאים את הרבים שעליהם אמרו שאין מספיקים בידם לעשות תשובה ח”ו,

אכן, בעקבתא דמשיחא אמרו חכמים, יראי חטא ימאסו, וכל הדברים היוצאים מן הלב נופלים על אזנים ערלות, אך פן ואולי יהיה מי שיקרא את מחאתי זאת, ואולי יתעורר אפילו מעט לחדול מדרך רשע זו של החטאת הרבים באופן מחפיר זה, ולא יבואו לראות כבלע את הקודש ומתו.

Moish Finkel said...

For your information, this German newspaper is reporting an important detail that makes the Frankfurt scandal sound a lot like the Ave J scandal - the shutfim had access to the hashgocho labels which they abused.

Agav, I chap hanoah that this happened in Frankfurt considering the rav hamachshir in my scandal is the rov of a Monsey shul of yotzei Frankfurt.

Anonymous said...

It happened in Monsey.
It happened in Cleveland.
It happened in BoroPark.
It happened in Flatbush.
It only a atter of time until it happens in Lakewood.

The question is not 'if'.
Its a question of 'when'.

Yossele fun Krakow said...

shvartza said...

"It only a atter of time until it happens in Lakewood"

Mit fresh butchered fleish vaiss Ich nit, but it might have already happened with a KCL approved salami. Wink wink.

Think about it. Your kushereh salamis are azoy geshmak but also azoy expensive. So I can reach over & fress the kushereh salami, then replace it mit a treifenna after I peel off the treifenna wrapper since salamis are often left to hang in delis with the wrapper peeled off.

Anonymous said...

Who is shechting at Triple J in Minnesota, division of Lincoln Provision of Chicago?

One of their employees was indicted yesterday on 5 felonies for a Rubashkin type scam with fake worker IDs.

Otherwise they keep getting criminally charged with violations of the Humane Slaughter laws. This newspaper seems to indicate it was at the kosher portion that cows are being electrocuted with prods & guns to the point of bloody, gory torture.

The operation is being called one of the most atrocious in the country.

Anonymous said...

Reply to 8:52 pm

It can't be Puretz. Although he used to be where Triple J, he had a big fight with Lincoln Provision who sued him, so he's been out for a while.

Puretz lost the lawsuit last year & was ordered to pay up $880,000.

This year, the State of Nebraska, which maintains a trade office in Japan, hooked up Puretz to farkoyf his fleish through the high end Japanese supermarket chain Hankyu, division of H20 Retailing.

Hankyu alone does 1.5 trillion Yen in annual sales which is equal to about $14 billion.

Another Japanese company Hannan makes sure Puretz's fleish is good enough for Yaponishe feinshmeckers.

Presumably this meat is the stuff that is rendered treif, so does this mean Puretz has a goyishe shutef?

Mendel Epstein said...

"cows are being electrocuted with prods & guns to the point of bloody, gory torture"

Oh come on! If you know how to use prods & stun guns the right way, you can torture without any blood.

Then the USDA agents will "chalk up the whole thing as some crazy Jewish affair"

They might say a lot of things about my buddy Belsky, but he was never caught allowing any blood & guts violations at OU shechitos.

Anonymous said...

רבותי קצת מחשבה בלי נגיעות.

"ההפרד נא מעלי" הוא הרע במיעוטו לעומת הטרגדיה הנוראה שעמדה לפקוד את עולם התורה אם רבותינו הגדולים מירושלים לא היו לוחמים מלחמת ד' ברמה שלא להתיצב לכופרים הארורים.

[:גם:] "נחל החרדי" הולך לקרוע ולחתוך את עם היהודי.
[:גם:] ח"ו להתיצב לצה"ל הולך וקורע וחותך את העם היהודי.
[:גם:] האי צניעות של החרדים הולך וקורע וחותך את העם היהודי.

אל דאגה. בני קורח לא מתו והם ממשיכים את דרכו בכל דור ודור.

West Coast said...

This shechita is farkoyfing filet mignon with a facsimile of a teshuva in Igros Moishe that it is allowed for Ashkenazim.

What they don't tell you is R' Moishe was only corresponding mit a rov in Belgium, telling him if there is a mumche it is ok. R' Moishe is not mattir in this teshuva anything requiring nikkur in America.