Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Towns Caterer had a serious breach in his kashrus

5 Towns Caterer had a serious breach in his kashrus. The Owner called the 5 Town's Vaad Hakashrus's Administrator to advise him of the situation.

The 5 Town Vaad hakashrus Administrator told the caterer "ignore it, don't even respond".

Kosher consumers, It's time for a wake-up call- Don't bother to press snooze, The Vaad's Rabonim already pressed the snooze button.


Anonymous said...

We live in the five towns area, it's really a nice area, friendly, etc.

We and our other chaveirim always felt that the kashrus provided by the Vaad is not what we are.

At least now Rav Forst's listed establishments are some improvement to our level of what we are looking for.

It may be the right time to bring in the right people to give us a level of kashrus that we can be proud of.

We need kashrus that is pure kashrus. No political kashrus decisions, no looking for kovod, financial considerations.

OTHER side of town said...

What happened to Rabbi Yankel Reisman's list???
How come Rabbi Binyomin Forst got involved and stepped on Reb Yankle's SHLIT"A toes????

Anonymous said...

OT: My daughter just got an application for BJJ seminary. The tuition for one year is now $25,000! Are you kidding me? $25,000? Where in the world do they get the Chutzpah to charge this outrageous amount of money? It was overpriced a couple of years ago when the cost was $16,000? How do they raise it by $9,000?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Keep your Zadekes at home and send her to local seminary. You don't have to gamble with your daughter by sending her away.

Anonymous said...

Mr. "OTHER side of town",

Maybe because you live on the other side of town,you are not aware of what is going on here.

Rabbi Reisman's list was a joke. A sad joke. He gave some list of ingredients, meats etc. to the establishments. They agreed to follow, and made it to the list. There was no over-site at all. And if he knew you, or needed you$, you made it to his list regardless.

I spoke to a working Mashgiach at one of the establishments, and he told me "you got to be crazy to eat by my place!"

Rabbi Reisman had gotten himself into so much trouble because of his list. His kanous and badmouthing everybody during his drashos, has gotten him nowhere but into trouble. That is why his list disappeared for so long.

Rabbi Forst went into some of those places on Rabbi Reisman's list, and they were unacceptable. Some of them now made changes and made it on to Rabbi Forst's list. Some did not. Other places which were not on Reisman's list, were good anyway.

Rabbi Forst is a true eliche Talmid Chocom and a Yarei Shomayim.