Saturday, November 15, 2014

Another letter about Lakewood restaurants

I saw the posted letter someone wrote about a Lakewood Restaurant “should I eat there”? I decided to pen my own letter on a similar topic about a Lakewood restaurant.

A little while back a schmaltzy fleishig restaurant opened in Lakewood. The owners were from the upper crust and heimish type of the Lakewood community.  It got off to a very slow start, prices were high, ambience was fair, staff was so so, etc. I am not going to address the purpose and the damage to mishpachas of such eateries in a kolel town of Lakewood. Wines on the menu can be up-to $140.00 or more a bottle.

Eventually the ambience went up, the prices were steep fit for out of town business people, the staff’ tzinious was not for any Yid to step into let alone the mich’shoil R"L, especially to bnei-torah. With all of the Lakewood speeches about "tzin'ous", we can tell you, we are going down the deep end very fast.

We were sure that the kashrus was up-to a yeshiva man standards, especially with the “Lakewood- yeshivas” own kashrus agency. We had to stop going even when being invited by friends, business associates. It had a "ya'hadus" detrimental negative effect on us and very likely on many others.

We were and still are in shock at what goes on in eateries in Lakewood’s kolel -shtut. Eventually we found out that the chef opened up the restaurant and was preparing everything hours before the Mashgiach arrived.  We also found out that the system for checking the fruits and vegetables, etc. was done by someone that came in on occasion to do the checking. There were always an abundance of fresh vegetables being used which would have required a qualified individual to do the checking on a daily basis. Then the Hashgocha gave over to the chef the job of checking the fruits, vegetables and fish to the untrained unqualified chef.

Eventually we found out that the chef was caught before working in the restaurant of not being a shomer Shabbos. The Hashgocha decided he did teshuva and he can open the restaurant without the Mashgiach, he could check everything for infestation. Not a kashrus standard that a kolel shtut should endure. The chef is not there anymore, but we don’t think anything improved. Are any other of Lakewood restaurants or caterers better?

We thought it was all a bad dream, but we realize it’s the sad truth. It may be time to enjoy your meals at home.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the crazy & corrupt generation!!!

"ki malai haaretz chamas"

if we don't want to bring another flood to destroy the world then we better do teshuva & become honest people

Anonymous said...

I heard there are some internal politics going on in the KCL with some type of fallout dissention going on between Finkel and Weisner

Training course said...

Do Gissinger & Sachdis go with other hashgochos to be trained for bugs at Postiv

Or do they get their training in this place?

'Sachdis said...

yoely says:
11/16/2014 at 10:09 pm
The Hisachdus CRC is as corrupt as one can’t even begin to imagine. Their motto is “the world stands on three pillars”. Gelt, Gelt, und Gelt. You don’t get kashrus, you get to support the Organization and their cohorts, so they don’t have to stand on the F-R-U-M line. F=food stamps, R- rental assistance, U=double-U- welfare, M- medicaid.

The Orginizatsias hashguchas like the OU beats them in kashrus anyday.

Yerachmiel Lopin says:
11/17/2014 at 4:35 am
Alas, a once machmir and honest organization has fallen very low. Their administrator, Yitzchok Pink, is widely known in Williamsburg as Itzik Pimp. Yup, when that is your nickname inside your community, you know your credibility is shot.

Anonymous said...

Who said that Lakewood is still a "Kollel town"?
I see the cars. I see the homes. I see the fashion shows. I see the expensive wines. I see the "kosher" entertainment in town. I see the "baaleh Baus" style shls and shteibles.
This place 'ain't no Kollel town' anymore. Don't be ignorant and / or fooled. Those days are over.

Anonymous said...

only on 6th street its kvetch town