Saturday, November 29, 2014

CRC- Hisachdus kashrus standards are the same as the OK

Why doesn't the Hisachdus CRC allow Tropicana Orange juice?  because of the infestation.

We are sure we don't have to educate anyone to the OK standards.
In the OK's Kislev 5771 "chanukah", there is a letter from Rabbi Benyumin Aryeh Glick Executive Rabbinic Coordinator of the CRC Hisachdus  to the OK magazine Kosher spirit.

In the letter he praises the OK's kashrus standards, which he calls "perfect".
He also addresses that other hechsherim (Hechsherim are the heimish hashgochas, not kosher certifiers) can not or will not meet the OK's standards.

He also praises the Ok's stand on the story of the adulterated Shufra Pesach cocoa saga.
Rabbi B.A. Glick has no problem that it was from China labeled as USA product.
Rabbi Glick has no problem that it was done without any hashgocha in china.
Rabbi Glick has no problem that it was or may have been adulterated with non pesach approved ingredients.
Rabbi Glick has no issue that the OK opted not to release the Lab report.

Rabbi Glick has no issue that it was packaged without hashgocha in a facility that packages chometz all year.

If that is CRC's standards for pesach, it's definitely not any better for all year.

Oh, Rabbi Glick has also taken on the Lubavitch phrase Shnas geulah.

Mezonos Maiven was under the OK and CRC when we set up the sting operation and videod them working on Shabbos, R"L.


Anonymous said...

That's a chiddush. I thought Sachdis was worse than OK.

Yossi Anon said...

I'm planning on opening a new milchige restaurant in a chasideshe area. Which hechsher do u recomend I use?