Thursday, May 12, 2016

Update: Kashrus Alert: 5 towns Vaad , Kehila and AKO - DON'T KNOW INFESTATION re: Red Cabbage infestation

Kashrus Alert: There was a non-reliable alert by the Rabbi Eisen of 5 towns Vaad and Kehila and AKO re: red cabbage infestation.

AKO & The 5 Town Vaad's Rabbi Eisen  stated Red cabbage should not be used from July till the end of August due to infestation.
Requires checking all year not only in the summer!

The red-cabbage is currently infested with whitish thrips. 

The thrips don't read English, perhaps AKO & the 5 Town Vaad can write it in Hebrew, Jewish, Chinese or they can get educated themselves in the the basic facts of infestation. 

Talk is cheap, one must get trained and know the facts.   

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Anonymous said...

cabbage is mostly infested with thrips, as well as aphids and few different types of larvae (the latter two are not so common here in america), the mites are more common here than in israel on cabbage. a few years ago there was an issue with a very high leaf miner infestation in cabbage (leaf miners are very rarely found in cabbage, almost never) turns out the greenhouse where the cabbage was grown had celery in there as well and and the two were nnot carefully seperated,
cleaning the cabbage is not that hard, if the cabbage head is well sealed and doesnt look infested, throw out first two layers of leaves, seperate the rest, soak in soapy (filtered) water for 5 minutes in small quantities, brush each leaf with sponge soaked in soapy water, and wash each leaf under strong stream of (filtered) water, then check a few leaves on lightbox. takes like ten minutes per cabbage head
the freezing and then washing under water method doesnt work for aphids