Sunday, November 30, 2014

Monsey (of fame) does it again- KYO Restaurant caught in the act-

Monsey (of fame) does it again-  

KYO treif Restaurant caught in the act, "again".

Rabonim say,
The people must eat someplace.
Monsey shtut is also a place that it's  usually a
דבר שיש לו מתירין
Remember- the Monsey Shatnez scandal is still going on, it even spread to Lakewood. 


Anonymous said...

Details please?

Anonymous said...

Ask Kaufman he took care of it last time

Monsey said...

Check this out as I hear that Kyo is not the only problem. There is a milchdig restaurant on Route 59 that was under Zishe Blech & now under Rabbi Bodner's sfardishe eidim Lankry who has imported some of the modern orthodox meshugassen to Forshay from his old shteller at ultra-Liberal 5th Ave Synagogue in Manhattan.

Some chassidishe have been complaining that one of the restaurant shutfim is a lehachessnik who went off the derech from Skver, practicing zero Yiddishkeit today. That ad kdei kach Lipa Shmeltzer begged him to come say Yizkor in his shul on Yom Hakudesh but even that he refused.

Because the owners of this place do a good job concealing who they are through a layered paper trail, I have not been able to find any of their names to independently verify these allegations.

Anonymous said...

What about Ridge, the steak & sushi place that still is under Blech?

I saw strange stuff there recently like the "mashgiach" with a big pony tail.

And this is in the YESHIVISH part of Monsey, not out in New City where Blech caters to the Conservative Jews.

sad form of honesty said...

"Blech caters to the Conservative Jews"

Recently niftar at about 102 years old was an iluy from Satmar who got semicha in his teens from the dayonim & then traveled to Frankfurt to learn by R' Moishe Schneider. He ended up in YU after the war before nebich becoming Reform.

He once told a heimishe rov he met that rabbis in America are "caterers" who have to give the oylam what they want.

Anonymous said...

Ridge is all about charging exponentially more than any other upscale restaurant because there is no other classy place in Monsey to go on shidduchim so they know they've got poor yeshivaleit over a barrel in both low kashrus level and price gouging.

Or in the words of one Monsey rosh yeshiva, it's the nisht Torahdik mehalech to celebrate everything with fressing. Noch a sushi und noch a sushi.

Gor shvach said...

Kimat every Monsey restaurant is under either Steinmetz or Blech or Breslauer (who "supposedly" his shul "assered" him from hashgochos after Moish Finkel).

I think they are getting away with it because the real yeshivishe & chassidishe don't hang out in restaurants anyway. If they really can't cook there are takeout places with decent hashgochos.

And then because Pinny Lipschutz will not address the problem head on. He has anonymously attacked Zushe Blech in his newspaper without actually mentioning his name.

A major "hot button" for Pinny Lipschutz is supporting the apikorsim with Avi Weiss. Zushe Blech has gone to YCT as a kashrus lecturer.

Anonymous said...

Zushe Blech is running the Earth Kosher kashrus agency with Zachary Goldman. He is a modern guy who lived in Oregon & then Teaneck. While in Teaneck he was enrolled in YCT who gave him "semicha". That's probably how Blech got his lecturing gig there.

Goldman has since moved to the fringe Hippie city Boulder, Colorado, and after reading some of the stuff he writes, there is no way I would eat from them even if I didn't know he was from YCT.

I'm also wondering if there was any fraud of calling himself "rabbi" at the hashgocho before he graduated YCT.

Anonymous said...

Don't go to 7 11 it has blech kashuras and not trusted by the one who stands at the counter a skver boy off the derech Abe he talks Yiddish and lips buys franks

Anonymous said...

Can you explain why BMG stands behind the shatnez?

Anonymous said...

I was takka wondering about 7-11. Zishe Blech is for sure approving the hotdogs but I didn't see any sign that he approves the slurpees, not that it stopped the horde of yeshivish & chassidish customers from lining up to buy the slurpees. Some slurpee flavors are not kosher according to anyone and some are cholov akum which would be very "appropriate" to wash down the hotdogs with.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Z. Blech was invited to YCT by his former talmid, the ausvarf Linzer who is the head of YCT.

YCT cannot draw from moderner to run their institution because moderner don't know how to learn. So they get ex-heimishe ausvarfs like Linzer who was in Blech's shiur one year in a real yeshiva.

The other ausvarf running YCT with Linzer is Yissoscher Katz who dropped out of Satmar and actually learned in Brisk for a shtik tzeit by R' Avrohom Yehoshua.

Go Brisk Go said...

So Brisk has their figures in all the pies.
YU - YCT - Lakewood - BME and all the good heimishe institutions.


Kashrus pro said...

What Zushe Blech has forgotten in Kashrus, none of you will ever know. You aren't even anywhere near the pin head of a needle when it comes to his knowledge.