Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kashrus Alert: consumer beware

The Good Life Cheese’s Horseradish Cheddar is one of a large selection of kosher cheese varieties. Foodworks Cheese is out of Monsey, NY. It is certified by Rabbi Dovid Katz of Avenue L in Brooklyn, NY, and it is Kosher for Passover year round.

This company was owned and operated by a Heshy Gottesman, who had a mixed reputation and was sort-of semi-orthodox . There was some kind of a scandal years ago with him and his cheeses. Maybe more than one, and maybe he also relied on the opinion which is not accepted lehalacha that any vegetarian rennet is not part of the issur of gevinas akum.

There are suspicions that Rabbi Hazdan of Staten Island, who boasts of being a talmid of Rav Moshe, gives hashgocho on Amy's frozen meals made with cheese relying on that opinion too.

But now Gotesman is publicizing that he has supervision of Rabbi Dovid Katz,

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Anonymous said...

please report this on new post about the parshas hamon that is said today,

מישהו פעם שאל את ר' יאוליש מסטמר זצ"ל
אם להגיד בכל יום את פרשת המן כסגולה לפרנסה.
ענה לו ר' יואליש, שאפשר לומר זאת רק עד השעה 8 בבוקר,
וב8 צריך ללכת לעבודה.