Thursday, April 16, 2015

Update: The 5 Towns Kashrus

We had some individuals make some visits on their own to some of the 5 town establishments. We obtained samples of some their infested vegies, etc. among other items of interest. BTW- We have been to numerous 5 Town Vaad establishments, we were not happy at all.

The 5 Towns Kashrus was never one to pride itself with transparency.
One will find that there may be an establishment that has an acceptable standard of kashrus in spite of being under the 5 Towns Vaad.

The most blatant area that stands out as unacceptable is "infestation". The Vaad standard consists of camouflage. They will show one or two establishments that "happen" to be in order, while the rest are serving non-kosher vegetables, etc.

The mere fact that the 5 Town VaadS Administrator / Orator will quote from Rav Moshe Vaye's Sefer or from the Chofetz Chaim, Ramchal, etc. does not nothing to justify all of the non-kosher under their Hashgocha.

We are interested in giving a guided tour of 5 Town establishments to a few serious individuals, to see behind the beautiful orated speeches. The Press is invited.
Contact me at

We don't have any dates yet for the eye-opening visits.
The 5 Town Administrator is trying to mend some fences in the meantime, calling it "upgrades" in kashrus.

Where is the Queens Vaad in all of their catching up? They always claim they are the Tzadikim compared to 5 Towns and Lakewood's KCL.


5 Towns said...

It is one thing when the modern orthodox shul rabbis force Rav Eisen to not have real kashrus standards. That it to be expected when they include the Woodmere rabbi who had a Catholic galich loy aleinu give the Shabbos morning drosho in his shul! And the North Woodmere rabbi who is promoting women to be rabbis & poskim.

The real fault for this 5 Towns kashrus disaster lays with the "yeshivish" rabbis. Not all area pulpit rabbis who are "yeshivish" are members of the Vaad. But the ones that are, especially two clowns in Cedarhurst, are lending legitimacy to this fraud. One of the two Cedarhurst clowns is bezunder full of hot air and pravs like he thinks he is the gadol hador or something. Mamash sick.

Anonymous said...

Uh. Oh. Someone in not co-operating with Reb Yudel.

Cedarhurst said...

The rabbi who has himself convinced he is the Daas Tayreh of the 5 Towns while anything goes in kashrus and whatever else suits him is from "the Blue Shul"

The other rabbi from "the Red Shul" may not really care one way or another about 5 Towns kashrus but I think he is more interested in protecting & flattering the corrupt caterer who davens by him. What the heck, that's good enough credential that Lipschutz has now given him a column in the Yated.

We the People said...

A lot of these 5 Towns rabbis who openly flaunt basics in kashrus in a way that can only be described as bekuma zekufa, are exactly the kinds of rabbis who these crowds in the 5 Towns want.

This also includes the yeshivish appearing, but krum, non-Vaad rabbi who says that Rabbi Eisen is "too frum". He even said once that ALL American hashgochos are too machmir. He eats every sort of insect in abundance from fresh broccoli that he pops in his mouth with no checking, to you name it.

When he is presented with mareh mekomos from all the classic earlier poskim he dismisses them completely or rewrites them. Rewriting does not mean that he drays an implausible pshat. It means he completely revises. For instance, when the Chasam Sofer says that lettuce must be checked well with someone with good eyesight, he says nah, the Chasam Sofer maint that you just glance over it.

He thinks he is on the level to argue with all the gedolim alive & deceased. It happened a few times that he was pressured to ask a gadol for his opinion as to whether he must listen to our previous great poskim. After being told by a gadol that he must do so, he later brushed it off that the gadol telling him he cannot argue on anyone he wants is "apikorses".

And that menuval who ran away to Israel from Lawrence. His shul board knew about all his horrible sins both in inyanei ervah and in Orach Chaim topics. They only pretended to be concerned when they could no longer cover it up.

Anonymous said...


The Vaad also allows it's stores to purchase their chometz from C&S. All local stores besides KosherWorld are buying their chometz from them. C&S is a Jewish owned distributor who does a low-level mechira on their chometz. Nobody else relies on that sale as a a l'chatchila.

This might be a problem with chometz in the stores for many months to come!

Chossid of C.S. said...

"Queens Vaad ... They always claim they are the Tzadikim compared to 5 Towns"

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As bad as 5 Towns Vaad is on their worst day, they shine next to the Queens Vaad.

But Rabbeinu Chaim at least gets credit for such diehard propagandizing to protect that "living wage" and to defend the 'sterling' reputation of his modern orthodox masters!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a given that most hashgochos anywhere will become corrupt eventually unless there is a lay board of people not in anyone's pocket who can monitor what is going on. As we see here even these rabbinical boards are compromised because none of these rabbis will take on the system or do anything that could possibly endanger their $250,000 salaries. Specifically in the case of the 5 Towns where many of the baal habatim themselves don't care or want better kashrus, the Far Rockaway oylam should demand to have a say or else break off and make their own hashgocho.

Anonymous said...

It's very surprising that you haven't been to even one vaad establishment yet to date yet u talked so badly about the rabbonim and the mashgichim included . The מוציא שם רע that u do in this blog will not be forgiven unless you really go over to ask for מחילה ברבים and all the ppl that have commented on this blog they have no clue about anything except for the stuff u are feeding them

Anonymous said...

Only hechshrim I know of with lay board is STAR K and OU

Anonymous said...

Lay board is veiter useless if they are part of the problem in hiding all the scandals under the corrupt status quo.