Thursday, May 28, 2015

Update: Hashgocha in a shtut should be a "service" by the Rabbonim.

Hashgocha in a shtut should be a "service" by the Rabbonim.

Sadly, Hashgochas even in a shtut became a money driven entity.

Recently one has stepped up to the plate to provide a mehadrin standard Hashgocha as a service to the shtut. 

There is no charge to the establishment for the Hashgocha.

Of course the Mashgiach, etc. must get paid a salary.

It's based in Lakewood, New Jersey. The Administrator is R' Moshe Bressler Phone: (732) 886-9007  (extension #4)

In Baltimore, a relatively new yeshivish hashgocha does 

not charge the establishment. 


Dream on said...

So the Mashgiach needs money.
How about the administrator?
How about the secretary?
And whats about the phone, the computer, the fax machine?

So you mean the 'shtut' is paying for that.
Ah. So where does the 'shtut' get money?

Its like the Rov in Stockton did it all for free.
Maybe the family came along? Maybe the extended family. And the the car fare etc.

Lots of mazal to your NEW and BETTER shtut hechsher.

Anonymous said...

The mashgiach, administrator, bookkeeping, overhead.... it all adds up. A kashruth organization that doesn't charge properly cannot be efficient. An independent Rav, as well meaning as he is, is only so effective. If he is spread thin, his hashgacha is worthless.

Anonymous said...

Rav Landau bnei brak is considered a very reliable hashgocha, yet only gets a salary from the bnei brak municipality for Rabbi of bnei brak not for the kashrus. There is no charge to the establishment.

Anonymous said...

In Antwerp, Gateshead, etc it's a shtut provided service.

Anonymous said...

Rav Landau is not the medina's Rav Haroshi of Bnei Brak. Rabbi Korach is the Rav Haroshi. That is really his name no matter how sinister sounding.

Agav, people were meoyrer that Adwe imports Dr. Fisher products from Israel that has Rabbi Korach hashgocho. They formed the kashrus symbol with no mention that it is a Rabbanut hashgocho, only that he is in Bnei Brak. So if Rabbi Korach is doing the regular phony cutting of corners like most Rabbanut hashgochos, that it is very misleading & slimy on Adwe's part.

Anonymous said...

Check out Ywn The Chasidim are opening a Kollel in Baltimore. Also after Shvous the First 40 Satmar families are moving into Jersey city Nj

Anonymous said...

Wed May 06, 03:02:00 PM 2015 &
Wed May 06, 03:03:00 PM 2015

The 'shtut' paid for it.
There IS a shtut in those communities.
It was tried here in the USA and no one was paid on time. The shtut didn't get the money fast enough so they didn't pay the mashgichim, administrator, rent etc.

Kashrus and declassified FBI files said...

The Attorney General of Israel is preparing to provide legal recognition for any lousy hashgocho in Israel that is even worse than Rabbanut, which will include Reform & Conservative. R' Dovid Lau is fighting to prevent it.

For those of you familiar. There is a vicious alter bochur who was once a Lubavitcher BT and also once attended Tropper's yeshiva in Monsey who has been sitting for years in his mother's basement blogging shmutz against Yidden, Torah & mitzvos. He is cheering today this latest ripple in Israel and anything else that is an attack on Yiddishkeit.

Al kol ponim, he himself has the shmutzikste background imaginable as links here to newly declassified FBI files show.

He is really the epitome of kol haposel bemumo.

Economy of "Scale" said...

If someone offered to pay for a real serious lab to test Tropicana, do you want to bet that Levy at OK will stick his head in the sand like an ostrich?

Baltimore, the city that breeds said...

"In Baltimore, a relatively new yeshivish hashgocha does not charge the establishment"

Hey Yudel, "yeshivishe" is all relative like in the case of the Chicago shechita.

I hope you are not singing the praises of Weiss's hashgocho. Despite being able to name drop Stolin, Beis Hatalmud & Brisk, there is some weird looking stuff with some of his accounts.

Which hashgocho do you mean?

Dayan Hopfer is an old hashgocho and at his only account the guy working the counter is a convicted child molester.

Anonymous said...

Which Estaliment does this new free haSHGACHO CERTFY

Anonymous said...

At least one certifier has done the certification as a service.

"Our organization and its members do not take a fee for providing our kosher certification, but a mashgiach (kosher supervisor) will be necessary to provide supervision. This mashgiach will be paid directly from the restaurant owner on an hourly basis. List of Certified Establishments "·

Yeshivishe indigestion? said...

According to research by cRc Chicago, Pepsid brand is milchdik.

Anonymous said...

Do you, Yudi, give free hashgachas? Then why do you demand it from others?

Yudel Shain said...

re? Yudi, yes I am giving numerous hashgochas at no charge to the establishments

Anonymous said...

Yudel gets his $$$ unter dem tisch

Anonymous said...

I bet you that these LOSERS who jump at every opportunity accusing R' Yudel of taking shvartz gelt, that they themselves are neheneh from money that is not kosher.