Wednesday, June 03, 2015

KCL does it again- four corners again

I was just at the James store and there is no Jewish worker in sight !

KCL, do you hear me?
even a non frum worker wasn't there.
We have seen by KCL establishments these so called jewish workers acting as kcl mashgichim working the cash register while not wearing tzitzes among other questionable behaviour for a mashgiach.

Kcl does it again!

Just a ton of Mexicans and the sushi lady


Anonymous said...

Whats new? Walk into any caterer in Lakewood under KCL and you will find Mexicans working for hours for hours at a time with unmarked meat without a Jew in sight

Anonymous said...

welcome to the dishonesty & corruption.

they claim the way KCL works is they get hooked up to the cameras of all the stores they give hashgacha on & they watch from the cameras which they say is considered good mashgichim.

insane & untrustworthy kashrus.

just give them their money & they will give you their fake certification

Anonymous said...

even the yidden that they get can not be relied on in many cases, the Manager who is frum, does he know the basic halachos?!?

Anonymous said...

The KCL Does not hire Mashgichim for their restaurants . Whomever the owner picks off the street to work as the cashier automatically becomes the KCL Mashgiach for that establishment.